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Cost-Effective Strategies for Updating Medical Device Documentation



By: Jack Fischer, Business Development Manager – Life Sciences division


The mantra of medical device development is ‘Design, Validate, Iterate – and Repeat’. Unlike large- and small- molecule therapies, the tangible nature of medical devices enables a more efficient path for innovations to reach the market.

For developers, this represents a double-edged sword—the average 510(k) device takes only $73 million to successfully traverse the path from concept to reimbursement[1]. Read more about: Cost-Effective Strategies for Updating Medical Device Documentation  »

The Critical Role of Language in Global Clinical Trials

Life science companies – including critical-role-of-lang-pic-1
medical device, biotech and pharma – are increasingly turning to countries outside the US and W. Europe for clinical trial sites. According to the statistics kept by the National Institutes of Health, almost half of the currently registered studies are being conducted entirely outside of the US and an additional 6% are being conducted both in and outside the US. A more detailed breakdown of the distribution of the non-US multi-regional clinical trial (MRCT) locations indicates that Europe accounts for slightly less than 50% of clinical trials, Read more about: The Critical Role of Language in Global Clinical Trials  »

Meet Morningside @ DevLearn (Booth #332)!

devlearn-2016-photo-2Morningside is proud to once again showcase our eLearning translation and localization services at the annual  DevLearn Conference taking place in Las Vegas @ the MGM Grand Nov 16-18th. DevLearn’s annual conference draws training & learning specialists who are responsible for their organizations’ use of learning resources and want to stay up to date on the latest innovations in eLearning tools and support. This year’s DevLearn theme is ‘sparking creativity’ and demonstrating  how creativity can make the difference between traditional and unique eLearning programs. Read more about: Meet Morningside @ DevLearn (Booth #332)!  »

Four Translation Mistakes that could harm your Law Firm’s Website

lawyer-website-translationWebsites in professional industries such as law rely on the trust, credibility and reputation built by the company in question. More often than not, a potential customer’s first impression of a law firm is the law firm’s website.

For this very reason, the way that the information is displayed and delivered on a law firm’s website is of paramount importance. Translation is key to getting the branded messaging across to the target audience effectively and an accurate and localized translation of the website’s content is a key part of this task. Read more about: Four Translation Mistakes that could harm your Law Firm’s Website  »

MSDS: An Essential Safety Tool

msdsWhat is an MSDS and who is responsible for it?

A Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is a document that provides information on the potential hazards (health, fire, reactivity, environmental) of a chemical product. It also contains instructions on how to use, store and handle chemical products safely, as well as potentially life-saving guidelines on what to do in the case of an emergency − spillage, overexposure, etc.

Many workplaces use dangerous chemical products – from industrial plants, Read more about: MSDS: An Essential Safety Tool  »