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3 Reasons to Consolidate Multilingual eDiscovery for Cross-Border Litigation: eDiscovery Process

Feb 09, 2023

One of the key global discussions of 2023 has been cost reduction and increasing the efficiency of your current staff…

In-house legal teams and outside counsels handling international and cross-border matters are feeling the pressure to reduce litigation-associated costs while optimizing each staff member’s time. An influential area to get started is the eDiscovery process. Optimizing your eDiscovery process utilizing leading-industry technology and a consolidated approach to the EDRM model, including translations, can save your firm or corporation considerable time and money.

Ascent eDiscovery is a multilingual eDiscovery solution with a unique focus on increasing the efficiency of processing legal data while improving the accuracy of your results. Our experienced staff, extensive foreign language document review staff and intelligent software analyze and organize millions of documents to produce responsive data and work as an extension of your team reducing related litigation costs by 20-40%.

Minimizing the Multilingual eDiscovery Process Burden

Processing the “raw” data associated with an eDiscovery project starts by minimizing the review burden and eliminating the most irrelevant documents. But what happens if documents are in a foreign language…? Will your current staff – or technology – be able to identify irrelevant documentation?

Knowing the challenges associated with cross-border and international litigation, the Ascent eDiscovery Solutions team partners closely with your in-house team to define, refine, and execute processing strategies that return accurate results regardless of the language.

Some of the support you can expect from our Ascent eDiscovery subject matter experts:

  • Extract metadata and text and create images
  • Cull documents using client-specific search terms, date ranges, file types, etc.
  • Remove duplicate documents using client preferences
  • Upload processed documents to the review environment

Leveraging Advanced Technology

Ascent eDiscovery platform integrates Ipro’s Open Discovery, giving you access to some of the legal industry’s most advanced document review technologies within a secure, collaborative environment, including “Visual Searching,” ECA, and Active Learning.

The combination of the Ascent eDiscovery platform with the foreign language translation and managed document review services provided under one-roof makes us one of very few one-stop resource center for complex multilingual legal matters that require foreign-language documents to be hosted, translated and reviewed.

As a Unicode-compliant solution, the Ascent eDiscovery environment enables end users to review documents written in most foreign languages, which means law firms and corporate legal departments have options when it comes to tackling multilingual document review projects.

Transparent Spend

During the middle of an ongoing litigation is no time to be battling with your vendors over-invoicing and shopping rates…

Ascent eDiscovery simplifies your spend by outlining your fee schedule prior to the start of the document collection. Our pricing model consists of simple, transparent, and predictable fees:

  • Processing
  • Hosting (Includes ALL project-related services)
  • Software Licenses
  • Foreign Language Services (Document Translation, Foreign Language Document Review, and Interpretation)

What Benefits to Expect When Consolidating

Multilingual eDiscovery is essential to cross-border litigation as it involves collecting, processing, and reviewing electronic data in multiple languages. Consolidating multilingual eDiscovery can provide several benefits to the litigation process. Here are three key benefits to consider when considering when beginning your next cross-border matter:

1. Efficient Discovery Process – Taking a consultative approach, our project managers and foreign language review staff streamlines the discovery phase and reduces the time and internal resources needed to review the data. By centralizing the data in one location, the legal team can more easily search, sort, and analyze the information, leading to a more efficient discovery process.

2. Compliance with Legal Requirements – Consolidating multilingual eDiscovery provides the confidence you are within compliance with international legal requirements and regulations. With multiple languages involved, the legal team must be mindful of each jurisdiction’s different laws and regulations. Partnering with a “one-stop shop” ensures that all data is collected, processed, and reviewed in accordance with the relevant legal requirements.

3. Cost Reduction – By centralizing the discovery process, the legal team can take advantage of economies of scale, further reducing the costs associated with translation and data processing. In addition to these savings, consolidating the data in one location can reduce the costs associated with storage and retrieval.

In conclusion, consolidating multilingual eDiscovery is essential for a successful cross-border litigation process. It provides an efficient discovery process, ensures compliance with legal requirements, and reduces costs. Considering these three reasons, legal teams can make the most of their multilingual eDiscovery efforts and achieve their desired outcomes.

About Morningside:

Morningside, a Questel Company, is a recognized leader in comprehensive legal language solutions and eDiscovery services for the legal industry. We provide the world’s largest law firms and corporate legal departments with a full suite of services, ranging from legal document translation, contracts and compliance documentation to full-scale multilingual litigation requiring certified translation and foreign language document review to supporting complex eDiscovery projects.

We deliver customized legal document translation solutions based on your case’s size and budget requirements, utilizing industry-leading technology to ensure accuracy, lower costs and faster turnaround times. Find out why 97% of the Am Law 200 and 90+ leading global brands rely on Morningside.

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