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83rd Annual Academy Awards – Best Foreign Language Film

Feb 23, 2011

The Oscars are this Sunday night (February 27th), and like millions around the world Morningside will be watching the award show – from red carpet to past-midnight finale. It probably comes as no surprise that as a translation company our favorite category is best foreign language film, and we agree with many movie critics that the nominees are hit-or-miss this year. Still, even when these films are not riveting, they give Americans a view from abroad on important subjects like the treatment of migrant workers (Biutiful), the Algerian War (Outside the Law), and African refugees (In a Better World). These films tackle these subjects courageously – without Hollywood’s formulas or its requisite happy endings.

If you want to catch up on past winners, here is a complete list (through 2008) with a short synopsis on each film. If you prefer a second opinion to that of the academy, check out Roger Ebert’s list of the best foreign films of 2010.  And for a breakdown of the 100 greatest foreign films of all time, there’s always AMC.

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