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Shortage of Healthcare Professionals Leads to the Rise of Telehealth

June 13, 2017

rise of telehealthIf you watch any TV hospital dramas, you may have seen this already – a talking robot wandering the halls controlled by a remote doctor who is pictured on a computer screen at the head of the robot. These machines may look odd, but they are going to get a lot more popular over the next few decades. Telehealth is one of the most effective ways to increase health care availability throughout the United States, Read more about: Shortage of Healthcare Professionals Leads to the Rise of Telehealth  »

5 Best Uses of Tech for Law Firms

June 6, 2017

5 best uses of tech for law firmsTechnology has completely transformed how we do business. IT has changed how companies connect and communicate with their clients, and a company’s “storefront” online is now just as important as its physical office space. This is just as true for law firms as it is for any other business. Modern applications of technology can bring in new clients and help with expanding clientele, increasing revenue, and even improving internal engagement from your own team. Read more about: 5 Best Uses of Tech for Law Firms  »

Indian English 101

May 30, 2017

classroom girlIs that girl eating your brain? No, she’s not a zombie. That’s Indian English for “is she bothering you?” The same words we use in the United States can have very different meanings in India, where English is spoken by over 125 million people. Some phrases are unique combinations of English words that are not used outside of India, while others utilize the same words but have a very different context.

  Read more about: Indian English 101  »

2016 Immigration Court Trends

May 23, 2017

Each year, the DOJ’s Executive Office for Immigration Review publishes a Statistics Yearbook on immigration court matters. The FY 2016 Yearbook was released last month, highlighting several significant trends. For example:

  • 14% more matters were received by Immigration Courts in 2016 compared to 2015.
  • 25% of all matters received came into the court systems of LA, NYC, San Francisco, Arlington (VA) or Miami.

Translating Pharma Research During Global Clinical Trials

May 17, 2017

translating pharma research in global clinical trials

Virtually half of the clinical trials in life sciences today take place outside of the US, and a majority of trials regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are held abroad—mostly in developing countries.

One big reason for outsourcing clinical trials to developing countries is that it can save pharmaceutical companies as much as 90% on the cost of clinical staff at the testing facilities. Read more about: Translating Pharma Research During Global Clinical Trials  »