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China and Trademark Hijacking

May 13, 2014

As the Morningside team travels around the world for conferences and meetings, we will be sharing observations and advice regarding these markets. Our New Market Watch series kicks off with China.

This week Morningside is exhibiting at the INTA (International Trademark Association) Conference in Hong Kong. The INTA Conference deals with intellectual property and international trademark education, with a special focus this year on doing business in Asia and China in particular. Read more about: China and Trademark Hijacking  »

Pro Bono Translation Services

April 24, 2014

Pro Bono: its translation and meaning

“Pro bono publico” is a Latin phrase that is often shortened to simply “pro bono,” and translates in English to ‘for the public good.’ Pro bono work is often undertaken at a reduced fee in order to aid companies whose budgets for particular cases are limited.

At Morningside, we are committed to helping organizations involved in charitable work via our pro bono translation services. It is important to us that everyone has the opportunity to be heard and understood, Read more about: Pro Bono Translation Services  »

The Temptation of Using Distributors for Translation Needs

April 8, 2014

When a manufacturer sells their products in foreign markets, localizing documents becomes a necessity in most cases. There may be anything from product manuals, to marketing materials, or even packaging labels which need to be localized. This can be a daunting task, especially for companies not familiar with the localization process. For this reason, some manufacturers simply rely on their local distributors to deal with translating the various documents. After all, the distributor is already responsible for selling the products, Read more about: The Temptation of Using Distributors for Translation Needs  »

Helping Your Localized Website Translate

March 27, 2014

Website translation is extremely important for companies who wish to reach foreign markets and expand national trade. Translation can easily be done by copying and pasting your website into a free literal translation service online, but will it accurately explain your company? Beyond the obvious risk of grammatical errors impacting your perceived professionalism, neglecting the importance of cultural cues can be the difference between a website that succeeds and one that just doesn’t translate.

Enter website localization. Read more about: Helping Your Localized Website Translate  »

IP Translation Services – Not Just for Patents

March 21, 2014

Translating intellectual property documents means translating more than just patents. IP translation services can include translating trademarks, examination reports, and technical documents related to patent litigation.

According to WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization), intellectual property (IP) “refers to creations of the mind, such as inventions; literary and artistic works; designs; and symbols, names and images used in commerce.” It is usually divided into two categories: industrial property, Read more about: IP Translation Services – Not Just for Patents  »