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Reviewing a Translation

January 20, 2010

When choosing a translation service, it is important to find out which translation company can provide you with the quality legal translation or technical translation you require in order to ensure top quality.

Morningside is a translation service which delivers top quality translations since we are a translation company that insists on reviewing each and every single legal translation or technical translation that is delivered to our clients.

Reviewing a technical translation or a legal translation requires not only a cursory review of the completed language translation, Read more about: Reviewing a Translation  »

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

January 13, 2010

Morningside’s motto is “if the client wants it, it can be done.” Morningside is a translation company that prides itself on meeting our clients’ requests, no matter the time or circumstance. But just like an attorney will not comply with a client’s requests if it would violate his code of ethics, we will never ask our translators to produce a translation that does not comply with the translation industry’s standards and norms. What does this mean? Read more about: You Can’t Always Get What You Want  »

The Importance of Back Translations

January 6, 2010

With the growth of the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and life sciences industries, multinational corporations require translation services and localization services of scientific data, surveys, clinical research, lab notes, ingredients, packaging, and other related material. These technical and medical translations are needed in order to provide life-changing products to patients and consumers around the world. Accurate and precise translations are incredibly crucial as the products produced by these industries directly affect the lives and well-beings of the worldwide human population. Read more about: The Importance of Back Translations  »

Machine Translations

December 30, 2009

Machine translations are also often referred to as automatic translations or non-human translations, which are produced by a translation service. A Machine translation can loosely be defined as a translation conducted by a computer, as opposed to a human translation, which is conducted by a translator. A machine translation will produce a document translation that is very different from a human translation produced by a translation service.

Often times, we hear the term machine translation used in the legal translation industry in reference to document translation. Read more about: Machine Translations  »

Professional Translations

December 23, 2009

The translation of consumer products labeling and instructions is no simple task. For pharmaceuticals and other medical translations, an incorrect or unclear translation can have serious repercussions. Cultural sensitivity is also paramount: words and phrases that are catchy in English can fall flat or even offend your target audience.

One thing you should certainly not do is use machine or Internet translations. These translations are not nearly accurate enough. For example, the washing instructions on a child’s sweater in Germany were translated as “washing from the left side,” which obviously makes no sense. Read more about: Professional Translations  »