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Translating Baby Names

March 3, 2010

Talk about a niche translation service. Today Translations, a British translation company will “certify” unusual baby names for ambitious couples who want exotic names for their children. For about $1,700, the company’s translators will perform a name translation audit, providing parents-to-be with the meaning of their child’s chosen name in over 100 languages.

Suri Cruise, the daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, became the poster child for name picks with unintended meanings. Read more about: Translating Baby Names  »

Legal Translations

February 3, 2010

One translation myth we are eager to dispel is that any skilled translator can translate a legal document. Unfortunately, this is about as true as believing that Google Translate can provide an accurate translation. Legal translations are uniquely challenging because they require high-level understanding of specific legal terminology in both the source and target language. Depending on the legal field and the complexity of the subject matter, a legal and/or scientific background is also a must. Read more about: Legal Translations  »

EU Patent & Patent Translations

January 27, 2010

This past December, the European Union took a major step towards creating a single Europe-wide patent system, which has been a goal of European ministers and patent officials for many years. Currently, the European Patent Office (EPO) does grant European patents, but these patents must still be converted into national patents in each of EU designated states, which is both expensive and laborious. The EU patent would solve this problem, and provide patent rights that are consistent across Europe. Read more about: EU Patent & Patent Translations  »

Haitians Need Our Help Now

January 20, 2010

As the translation service and legal translation community is trying to grapple with the devastation that has occurred as a result of the earthquake in Haiti, many are wondering, how, as a translation company, as a translator, as a legal translation service, what can my company do to help those in Haiti who are suffering?

As Morningside is committed to helping the worldwide community, and as a translation company who also staffs many interpreters and works on live translations and interpretations for its clients, Read more about: Haitians Need Our Help Now  »

Reviewing a Translation

When choosing a translation service, it is important to find out which translation company can provide you with the quality legal translation or technical translation you require in order to ensure top quality.

Morningside is a translation service which delivers top quality translations since we are a translation company that insists on reviewing each and every single legal translation or technical translation that is delivered to our clients.

Reviewing a technical translation or a legal translation requires not only a cursory review of the completed language translation, Read more about: Reviewing a Translation  »