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7 Tips to Ensure High-Quality Legal Translation

August 30, 2016

legal translation imageLegal document translation is a specialized discipline that requires mastery of both the source and target languages, and an in-depth understanding of the relevant legal terminology. It helps to be familiar with the subject matter/practice area as well as the legal system where the translation will be submitted. Clear communication with your translation company, including any details you can provide about the case and how and where the translation will be used, will help ensure that the legal translation you receive is highly accurate and relevant to your needs. Read more about: 7 Tips to Ensure High-Quality Legal Translation  »

Machine Translation and Multilingual E-Discovery

August 23, 2016

machine and ediscoveryE-discovery hit prime time in the November 2015 episode of The Good Wife, appropriately entitled “Discovery”. Chumhum, a large search company, is being sued by a restaurant owner because one of its applications, Chummy Maps, has designated the restaurant’s neighborhood as potentially unsafe and hence put her out of business. The key accusation is that the safety level algorithm is based on racial demographic profiling. Fans of the mega-popular series got a peek behind the scenes of how digital forensic methods are used to extract potentially relevant evidence from terabytes of electronically stored information (ESI). Read more about: Machine Translation and Multilingual E-Discovery  »

Translation Quality Standards – What Do They Mean?

August 11, 2016

quality-focus (1)According to Business Dictionary, quality can be defined as “the totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bears its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs.” In the case of translation, quality could be defined as the success of the translation in accurately capturing and conveying the information and the intent of the source document. Translation quality becomes mission-critical in domains such as IP, Read more about: Translation Quality Standards – What Do They Mean?  »

5 Tips for Translating Technical Manuals

August 2, 2016

technial manualsA technical or user manual provides critical information on using your product to consumers. If your consumers are non-native English speakers, then it is equally important to translate your technical manual into your end-users’ native tongue. Whether it’s user instructions for the latest smartphone, a maintenance manual for a complicated piece of machinery, or a user guide for new software, having an accurately translated technical manual will help clients make the most of the product or service and ensure their correct use of the product. Read more about: 5 Tips for Translating Technical Manuals  »

The Language of Science

July 26, 2016

language of scienceEnglish is certainly the language of science in the modern world, with an estimated 98% of all scientific publications being written in the language. But it hasn’t always been that way.

Before the 17th century, scientific publications were mostly written in Latin. For example, in 1687, Sir Isaac Newton wrote his book Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica, which explained his laws of motion and gravity, in the Latin language. At the time education wasn’t accessible to the majority of the population, Read more about: The Language of Science  »