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eDiscovery Tools for Law Firms and Corporate Legal Departments

Jan 18, 2023

As we conclude 2022 and begin 2023, we have seen more organizations become disgruntled with the inconsistent pricing, lack of responsiveness, and eDiscovery tools and support provided by their current service partner. These organizations need an eDiscovery partner that understands the necessity for a responsive and experienced team ready to jump into action like any other internal team member rather than waiting hours to answer their call or emails. 

When you pair these struggles with the inclusion of multiple foreign languages and potentially multiple new vendors to handle these needs, you may feel like your head is spinning! 

In this era of big data, there’s an ever-expanding universe of sources available, meaning that eDiscovery teams have more information to sift through, leading to prolonged and increasingly expensive litigation. According to the International Data Corporation, 64.2 zettabytes were created in 2020 alone. By 2025, the global volume is anticipated to explode to 180 zettabytes. 

This overwhelming volume of data presents mounting litigation challenges for law firms and corporate legal departments. Including the introduction of new data types and sources – like collaboration tools and messaging applications such as Slack, allowing further international communication – creating new document review challenges for those involved with complex multilingual eDiscovery matters. 

Ascent eDiscovery ™ assists in tackling those challenges by providing access to hosted eDiscovery solutions, comprehensive services, and hands-on support. Ascent eDiscovery’s powerful capabilities include ESI data processing, early case assessment, hosted and managed review, production services, active learning, technology-assisted review, foreign language review and translation, and advanced analytics that empower legal teams to succeed, and leading organizations and law firms to deliver faster multilingual document processing that drives more accurate cost-effective results.   

Our Ascent eDiscovery team averages 20 years of eDiscovery and foreign language document translation experience, with review resources in over 200 languages. Our experienced team operates as an extension of your office and is able to support every aspect of your document review project. 

Our eDiscovery specialists manage the technology to free your litigation teams to focus on reviewing documents, developing case strategies, and protecting their client’s legal interests. We help you minimize the review burden, improving efficiency and accuracy and reducing the overall litigation cost.  

One Call to an End-to-End Solution: eDiscovery tools

Two well-established industry leaders in legal language solutions, innovative technology, and service expertise provide competitive eDiscovery tools and support. As a Unicode-compliant solution, the Ascent eDiscovery environment enables end users to review documents written in most foreign languages. This functionality of the Ascent eDiscovery platform, partnered with foreign language experience in over 200 languages, has created a one-stop resource center for complex multilingual legal matters. 

This has become increasingly relevant as organizations are broadening their global footprint and expanding into new markets, utilizing new methods of communication internally, i.e., Slack and other messaging applications, and overall creating more data than ever. This has directly correlated to eDiscovery teams having more information to sift through and more languages involved leading to prolonged and increasingly expensive litigation. 

Our experts partner with your litigation team to ease the burden of complex multilingual document review projects every step of the way, from culling and processing raw data to evaluating foreign language material to creating and delivering productions. 


By partnering with us, our project managers will work with you and your colleagues to define and implement document review strategies and best practices. We aim to minimize the review burden, improve review efficiency and accuracy, and reduce overall litigation costs. 

Making Pricing Predictable and Transparent 

While other providers may charge for additional services or have hidden fees within their agreements, our goal is to provide the necessary transparency to allow for accurate matter forecasting and remove the sticker shock when you open your invoice.  

One of our biggest differentiators is the simplicity of the Ascent Multilingual eDiscovery pricing model, which consists of just four basic fees, which are agreed to in advance:  

  1. Processing
  2. Hosting (Includes ALL project-related services)
  3. Software Licenses 
  4. Foreign Language Services (Document Translation, Foreign Language Document Review, and Interpretation)

In preparation for an upcoming matter in 2023, an AmLaw 200 law firm, which had previously partnered with Morningside for their foreign language document review, interpretation, and document translation needs, evaluated their current eDiscovery tools. They were pleasantly surprised that we could save them 20% on their foreign language needs and 40% on their litigation budget while offering a platform that offered all the same functionality that their team required.  

Whether you are with a law firm getting ready to tackle your first document review project or a corporate legal department looking for an alternative to your office’s current eDiscovery resources, please feel free to contact us. We would welcome the opportunity to share more about Ascent eDiscovery and how access to our hosted multilingual eDiscovery solutions and services can help you simplify your document review practices and reduce related litigation costs. 

About Morningside

Morningside, a Questel Company, is a recognized leader in comprehensive legal language solutions and eDiscovery services for the legal industry. We provide the world’s largest law firms and corporate legal departments with a full suite of services, ranging from legal document translation, contracts and compliance documentation to full-scale multilingual litigation requiring certified translation and foreign language document review to supporting complex eDiscovery projects.  

 We deliver customized legal document translation solutions based on your case’s size and budget requirements, utilizing industry-leading technology to ensure accuracy, lower costs and faster turnaround times. Find out why 97% of the Am Law 200 and 90+ leading global brands rely on Morningside. 

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