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Groundbreaking Instant Quoting Tool for IP Translation & Filing

Jun 03, 2019

Morningside is excited to announce that IQ, the ground-breaking instant quoting feature on our IP Platform is now available for client use.

Designed specifically with our IP clients’ needs in mind, our secure, market-leading IP Plaform streamlines and centralizes the patent translation & foreign patent filing process by letting you easily request quotes, place orders and manage IP projects all from one place.

Our newest feature, IQ, enables you to view instant and accurate quotes for patent translation, national filing and EP Validation — at the click of a button, from anywhere in the world. IQ gives you more control and visibility on costs, with fast quotes that help accelerate decision-making and avoid last-minute filings. IQ and Morningside’s competitive fee structure make IP budget management simple.

It’s just 3 steps to place an order:

1. Choose your countries

2. Receive your instant quote

3. Approve

“I love Morningside’s new cost estimator tool,” says Jan Weissenberger, Patent Assistant at Bozicevic, Field & Francis LLP in San Francisco. “All you need to do is just insert the PCT number or EP number (for validation costs) and the estimator finds your application. It walks you through each step. I liked this online tool a lot. It is much nicer than the ones we used in the past.”

Are you interested in learning learn more about IQ? The new feature is available to all our IP clients free of charge. You can request a demo from [email protected].


About Morningside IP:
Morningside is the largest IP-focused translation company in the world and a leader in foreign filing services. With a single instruction, Morningside can prepare high-quality patent translations and file applications in over 150 jurisdictions. Find out why over 1/3 of the Top 100 PCT filers in North America rely on Morningside for their patent translation & foreign filing needs.

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