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Humorous Translation and Localization Errors

Sep 16, 2014

Utilizing professional translation services can be an incredibly important tool for companies looking to localize for a specific market. However, many see a translation company as a luxury item that can be avoided in an attempt to cut costs. Yet, looking to save budget by using something other than a certified translation service can have serious repercussions. Below are a few of our favorites



These errors may be funny to us, but their impact on businesses can be anything but humorous. Translation errors can lead to serious consequences such as offended consumers, low sales or a complete failure to effectively penetrate a new market. Even mistranslations far more mild than the ones in this post can still prove embarrassing and confuse your potential customers. Play it safe by choosing a professional translation company experienced in localization to help you translate and localize your company’s important documents, websites, ads and other marketing and sales materials. Don’t go it alone or rely on machine translations for content that will be viewed by an outside audience. An experienced localization service will know how to accurately localize your content and preserve your message without damaging your brand. At the very least, they will make sure that you aren’t the butt of a joke.

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