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Software & IT

Leading hardware, software and IT companies rely on Morningside to deliver technically accurate translations and localization solutions to help them succeed in international markets and conduct day-to-day business around the globe. From mobile applications to large-scale enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, Morningside provides a full suite of localization services in over 150 languages to help you skillfully adapt your software or IT product for overseas markets and engage and convert consumers worldwide.

Expert Software & IT Localization Services

Morningside works exclusively with technical linguists with advanced degrees and industry experience in subject matter including desktop software, hardware, web applications, and mobile app technology. Through rigorous testing and evaluation, we have compiled a team of specialized translators, programmers and testers with the specialized knowledge to provide end-to-end language support from development through product launch and beyond.

Software & IT Localization

Morningside’s expert team of linguists for the technology sector have a wealth of experience in the various fields of the software & IT industry. We provide localization services for projects including:


The simultaneous international launch of software or ‘simship’ has become standard in the technology sector. Users across the globe expect software launches and updates to be carried out simultaneously, and a significant delay from the initial source-language launch can result in significant losses of revenue from both current and potential customers. To achieve a successful simultaneous launch, businesses need to ensure close communication and collaboration among developers, marketing professionals, and language service providers. Morningside provides our clients with a dedicated project manager who collaborates with your teams to ensure that all software localization projects are completed within your budget and on schedule.

Translation Memory & Termbase

The use of Translation Memory and Termbase software has proven to be a crucial asset for Morningside’s clients requiring technical translation. These clients provide us with their company-specific terminology, and we leverage previously-translated projects in order to lower costs and speed up turnaround times. Our CAT tools also ensure consistency and improve quality and accuracy.

Certified Quality

Morningside sets the global standard among localization service providers. Morningside’s quality assurance system is officially ISO 9001-certified, and includes multiple rounds of review to ensure accuracy, proper terminology usage, and correct adaptation to the target locale. Our commitment to best practices spans every stage of the localization project lifecycle, from the initiation of the request through on-time delivery. Our project managers, linguists, and technicians are trained and certified to ensure predictable, error-free deliverables customized to meet your specific needs and requirements.

Meeting Deadlines & Rush Service

Morningside is a global company that is always open for business. With 5 locations across the globe and an easy-to-use client portal, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to receive new requests and provide support on existing projects. With a 99% on-time delivery rate, Morningside has a proven track record of meeting deadlines. We can also provide expedited service on software translation & localization projects as needed.