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Pro Bono

“Pro bono publico” is a Latin phrase that is often shortened to simply “pro bono,” and translates in English to ‘for the public good.’ Pro bono work is often undertaken at a reduced fee in order to aid companies whose budgets for particular cases are limited.

Pro Bono Publico: Translation services for Pro Bono Legal Work

Morningside’s long-standing commitment to public service and charitable giving means we regularly provide no-fee translations to worthy causes and organizations. That commitment extends to our legal clients and their pro bono work. To that end, Morningside’s pro bono program offers participating law firms credits they can use for any pro bono case. These credits can be used for any Morningside service, including translation, interpretation, and litigation support and eDiscovery.

How it Works

As we serve the local and global communities, we are able to handle pro bono cases for our clients in order to relieve them of administrative and monetary burdens. We regularly provide pro bono translation services in the areas of asylum and refugee cases, domestic violence, disaster relief, environmental awareness and human rights, to name a few. Morningside’s pro bono program is simple and free to join. Please contact us for details.

Case Studies

Morningside has provided either significantly discounted or free translation services for hundreds of important pro bono cases including:

Political Asylum Case

An Eritrean refugee seeking asylum in the United States was represented by Williams Kastner on a pro bono basis. The firm required a Triginya language interpreter and had reached out to several translation companies without success before they found Morningside. Morningside was able to provide a skilled interpreter with subject matter expertise and was glad to assist with this important matter.

Human Trafficking Case

An Am Law 200 client had a human trafficking case for which several Indonesian interpreters were needed, both on-site and over the phone. Because the case was moving rapidly, the client could only provide between 12 and 24 hours of notice on each occasion. Despite the tight deadlines, Morningside was able to provide highly qualified interpreters and help litigate this important case.

Committed to Our Contribution

Morningside Translations’ Pro Bono Committee is committed to both aiding people of limited means and championing essential legal and human rights. We look forward to providing your company or law firm with pro bono translation services, should the need arise.