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IP Services / Other IP Services


In addition to patent translation and foreign filing solutions, Morningside offers a range of IP services and integrations that help ease the administrative burden on patent departments and streamline the patent prosecution process.

IP Recordals – Transfer or Change of IP Rights

Updating IP rights can be difficult and time-consuming. The fees, procedures and required documents vary from country to country, and often the chain of ownership is complex. To ease the administrative burden, Morningside can manage this entire process for you across all jurisdictions—coordinating the legally effective recordal of status changes of patents and trademarks. Following a change in ownership, name or address, Morningside ensures that the change is formally recorded in each patent office in a timely fashion and that your IP remains protected.

Instructing and Reporting on the Filing

If you want to partner with us to translate your patents, but prefer to use your default agents for the actual filing, we offer a specialized service whereby we prepare the translation on our end and coordinate the filing with your agents. This will enable you to maintain your preferred agents but only instruct once. Morningside will instruct the agents on your behalf, confirm the filing, and s​end you the filing reports, official filing receipts and any required translations in a single reporting email.

Consolidated Lifecycle Billing

Managing and paying invoices from agents around the word is administratively demanding and takes time away from more important work. To make things easier, Morningside can consolidate your invoices from foreign associates around the world during prosecution and beyond. Instead of paying multiple invoices from each agent, pay just one invoice per order.