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Global Leader in Patent Translation Services

Morningside is the world’s leading provider of patent translation services. Since 2000, we have partnered with Global 500 patent departments and IP firms around the globe to prepare high-quality translations for foreign filing, as well as for patent litigation and informational purposes.

Our global network of in-country patent translators and subject matter experts (SME’s) deliver accurate, reliable translations that are regularly submitted to patent offices and government agencies worldwide. Find out why over 1/3 of the Top 100 North American PCT filers rely on Morningside for their patent translation needs.

Translations for Foreign Filing

Patents translated for foreign filing comply with all national filing requirements. We can deliver the translations back to you, submit them directly to your foreign associates, or file the patent via our network of top-tier foreign associates located in 150 countries.

Patent Translation Expertise

Ensuring quality is the most critical part of the process. Morningside’s native patent translators are chosen for their fluency, educational background, and expertise in the relevant technical field. Backed by our ISO-certified processes and best-in-class technology, we ensure quality and accuracy from initial request through on-time delivery. Our patent translations are regularly submitted to patent offices and regulatory bodies worldwide.

Translation Memory

Morningside utilizes translation memory & glossary tools to leverage previous translations, leading to improved accuracy, greater consistency, and faster turnarounds. Translation memory tools can lead to significant savings when translating several patents in the same family.

Morningside IP Platform

Accessing our patent translation services is simple and convenient. You can submit projects via our IP Platform, a secure, web-based platform where you can get instant quotes, track progress, download completed translations, and run detailed reports at your convenience.