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Fortune 500 Biotech Company

The Challenge

One of the world’s top biotechnology producers was faced with the critical need to streamline operations related to their extensive foreign filing practice — without compromising quality. To accomplish this, they wanted to centralize their patent translations with a single vendor and client platform.

The Solution

After researching and vetting several options, the Fortune 500 biotech company selected Morningside as their exclusive vendor for patent translation for filing in Europe and Asia. Our ISO-certified quality control, technical subject matter expertise, and competitive fee structure were the deciding factors.

The Result

Morningside set up an airtight workflow for EP Validation, including customized in-person training on the Morningside IP Platform. The biotech company’s patent department now exclusively uses Morningside IP to prepare translations for foreign filing. Translations are centralized, and translation memory tools ensure consistency across patent families and help deliver additional cost savings.


By partnering with Morningside IP, the biotech company has dramatically lowered costs and streamlined its foreign filing process without compromising quality.