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Pro Bono Translation Services

April 24, 2014

Pro Bono: its translation and meaning

“Pro bono publico” is a Latin phrase that is often shortened to simply “pro bono,” and translates in English to ‘for the public good.’ Pro bono work is often undertaken at a reduced fee in order to aid companies whose budgets for particular cases are limited.

At Morningside, we are committed to helping organizations involved in charitable work via our pro bono translation services. It is important to us that everyone has the opportunity to be heard and understood, and that each individual be represented accurately to be fairly and justly treated. In many cases, Morningside engages in pro bono translation, whether by aiding non-profit organizations worldwide with translations for their marketing materials, or by aiding law firms’ pro bono cases with interpretation, translation or expert witness services at adjusted rates.

As we serve the local and global communities, we are able to handle pro bono cases for our clients in order to relieve them of administrative and monetary burdens. We regularly provide pro bono translation services in the areas of asylum and refugee cases, domestic violence, disaster relief, environmental awareness and human rights, just to name a few.

Pro Bono Services in Action

When Jones Day needed ongoing Bahasa Indonesia-to-English interpretation services on a rush basis for a human trafficking case, Morningside came through with providing both on-site Indonesian interpreters at the client’s office, along with the same services in telephonic interpretation. Morningside was able to help Jones Day minimize costs for language services while providing the requested services with only 12 to 24 hours of advance notice.

When Perkins Coie LLP needed Farsi expert witness services at trial for a civil case, Morningside pulled through by providing a highly qualified and experienced Farsi linguist to aid the client in translation matters, both on site at the client office and in county court. As Morningside was able to provide the service over the course of several months and remain flexible as to changes in dates and logistics, our client was not only satisfied with the services delivered, but with the adjusted rates as well.

Committed to our Contribution

Morningside Translations’ Pro Bono Committee is committed to both aiding people of limited means and championing essential legal and human rights. We look forward to providing your company or law firm with pro bono translation services, should the need arise.