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Court Reporting

Morningside Translations is the trusted language solutions translation company of leading law firms and global corporations worldwide. Our clients rely upon the Morningside teams of translators, interpreters, and transcriptionists, respected industry-wide for their expertise in both the targeted industry and as natives to the target language, to provide accurate and immediate reporting services for arbitrations, mediations, trials, depositions, video-conferencing, and all other legal and business applications that require a complete, precise, and secure legal record.

Court Reporting Services

Our Court Reporting services include written transcripts of legal proceedings, meetings, speeches, conversations, conferences, and any other event that requires verbatim reporting. Because Morningside has such a vast network of linguist resources, our clients can choose from our versatile and comprehensive roster, whether they require a traditional court reporter, an on-site interpreter, or a team of trained professionals. Morningside delivers the premier qualified reporters to ensure the success of your project.

Technological Versatility

Because written accounts of spoken words are necessary for correspondence, records, and legal proof, Morningside provides only the highest quality, verbatim transcripts and/or executive summaries.  At Morningside we know how critical the role played by transcripts in legal proceedings is to the success of your case, and so, we make every effort to provide the most accurate representation of the spoken word. Today, technology offers many solutions that allow us to give you the precision and spontaneity that your project demands. Our versatility is customized to you. Whatever you require; stenography, electronic reporting, or voice writing, from multiple languages or only one, is yours.

Secure Storage

Once your information is documented, we store it securely in-house for your safety. Our clients enjoy peace of mind in the strict confidentiality of their information.