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Game Localization

The game industry is one of the fastest growing in the technology sector, led by rapid overseas expansion. Capturing more revenue in Europe, Asia and beyond requires high-quality game localization that recreates the immersive experience and excitement of the original source-language game.

Partner with Morningside to flawlessly localize your game and ensure that it is a hit among diverse audiences across the globe. We offer game localization solutions for every platform and handle each phase of the process, including translation, multilingual voiceovers, recording, and QA & testing. Our translators have extensive video game localization experience and a deep understanding of the culture and video game preferences of your target audience. Our industry-leading technology helps lower costs and shorten time-to-market, so that your product launch stays on schedule and your game is ready for simultaneous release in multiple countries.

Stages of Game Localization

Morningside’s video game localization team works closely with your designers & developers throughout the localization process. Our game localization workflow is as follows:

video game localization

User Interface (UI) Content Extraction

Morningside’s localization engineer locates all translatable elements in preparation for translation. This may include elements such as: menus, commands, item descriptions, and dialog boxes, as well as sound or video clips. Hard-coded text and concatenated strings are identified at this stage. Analysis may also include content from tutorials and demo versions.

Pseudo-Translation of the Game

As a safeguard, Morningside will perform a pseudo-translation and a testing step of the UI to ensure that all translatable content has been captured, and highlight any internationalization issues within the game.

Translation Memory Tool Application

Prior to translation, Morningside will run extracted game content though existing translation memories in order to leverage prior translations and maintain consistency in style and terminology usage between different games from the same series.

User Interface & Multimedia Element Translation

Leveraging client-specific glossaries, translation memories, and years of gaming experience in their native language, our linguists creatively translate content while taking the culture and preferences of the target audience into consideration. This process includes working with your design and development teams to select culturally relevant adaptations of images, graphics, and UI elements that will help make your localized version a success.

UI & Dialog Box Resizing

Following the translation, a Morningside localization engineer will resize the UI elements as needed in order to ensure that the foreign version of each user interface displays correctly.

Testing & Validation of the Localized Game

Once the game has been recompiled, the translated interface is tested for accuracy and correct display on the target platforms.

Localized Application Delivery

After the testing phase, the dedicated Morningside project manager will deliver the localized resources ready for final packaging and distribution.

Simultaneous Launch & Simship

The simultaneous launch and simship (simultaneous shipment) model that has become standard within the gaming industry requires that multiple language versions be released at the same time as the source-language version. This usually means that translation & localization need to begin long before the game is finalized. Morningside knows how to meet this challenge, with scalable resources and a collaborative approach that works seamlessly with your internal design & development process. Our project managers provide 24/7 support and we can accommodate even last minute updates and changes as your release date approaches.

Multimedia Localization and Audio Production

Audio and sound effects are vital to the interactive gaming experience. Localized dialog and accompanying audio should be just as authentic and immersive as in the source-language version. Morningside’s voiceover artists have experience working in the games industry and ensure that everything from a phone conversation to laughter are rendered in a culturally appropriate and authentic manner. Our full suite of multimedia localization services for the gaming industry includes script translation, multilingual voiceovers, subtitling, video editing and audio mastering produced in our state-of-the-art recording studios and production facilities.

Conversation Trees

Branching conversations which present dialog or action choices to the user and ultimately affect the plot have become increasingly popular. Our game localization team is experienced in working with such complex conversation trees and maintaining context within such a large corpus of content. They take a holistic view of the plot points and character development and are able to zero in on the appropriate linguistic solutions for each piece of content. This helps avoid inconsistent dialog or action choices resulting from narrow, out-of-context translations. Our mission is to ensure that your writers’ carefully crafted storylines will not be marred by cultural faux pas or nonsensical choices that obfuscate the immersive experience of the game.