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Patents & IP

Morningside is a global leader in patent translation & foreign patent filing services. With our legal and technical expertise, Morningside has partnered with Fortune 500 patent departments and IP firms around the globe to provide high quality patent translation, international patent filing and patent litigation support.

Using our expertise, streamlined processes and a global network of top associates with cutting edge technology, Morningside IP offers a comprehensive patent translation and global patent filing services that reduces translation and agency costs whilst maintaining the highest levels of quality.

Why Us?

With a single instruction, Morningside handles the patent filing and/or validation process in multiple countries via our network of top tier foreign associates — allowing your patent department to focus on substantive work instead.

Morningside translates, files and validates thousands of patents per year and offers comprehensive EP Validation, PCT National Phase Entry, direct filing and patent litigation services to a broad range of corporations, patent law firms and universities around the world.