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Patent Drafting at the Life Sciences & AI Interface

Determining whether to patent an AI-implemented invention, especially one embodying a life science related innovation or technology, is a difficult assessment. And drafting a related patent application is also extremely difficult given the complexity of the law, the abhorrence of abstractness and the very nature that AI on some level must be abstract to be useful. In this webinar, Gene Quinn, President & CEO of IPWatchdog, Inc., moderates a wide-ranging discussion on the intersection of artificial intelligence and life sciences. In addition, the speakers review:

  • Current approaches for deciding whether to patent an AI-implemented biotechnology, pharmaceutical, or medical device invention, or whether the best course of action is to keep the innovation as a trade secret.
  • How the invention should be claimed and the specification structured.
  • Tricks for getting to a faster, more economical result when using the European Patent Office (EPO) for software related patent applications.