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With employees across North America, Europe and the Middle East, we recognize that our team members are the primary reason for our continued successes. It is through their talents and determination that we have become the industry leader we are today. Therefore, we work hard to make sure we invest in them both professionally and personally to strengthen our employee relationships and ensure success for all.

Professional Development at Morningside

Morningside is dedicated to the training and development of our staff to encourage their advancement through the organization.  This commitment involves both practical training with hands on development as well as direct mentorship from senior directors.

Morningside’s professional development track reflects the corporate culture that is infused into every aspect of the company. Our goals are to empower each employee to thrive independently within their roles, and to ensure they have all the support they need to perform at their full potential. Directors and senior members of each team serve as mentors, providing valuable feedback and support to employees. In turn, new employees are expected to take an active role in their professional development by seeking advice, training opportunities, and work experiences that will enhance their ability to be essential team members.

Here is a glimpse into the journey some of our team members have taken:

b28Shai Jalfin – SVP of Global Sales

Shai attended the University of Massachusetts Amherst where he studied Economics and Finance.  He joined Morningside as a Senior Business Development Associate in June 2007. He held that position for three years before he was promoted to the Manager of Business Development. After two years in this role Shai was promoted to the Director of Business Development. He held this position for just over two and a half years, after which he became the SVP of Global Sales.

Dylan Blaney – VP of Legal Salesb9

Dylan graduated from Boston College where he received a Bachelor of Arts in English.  In January 2011 Dylan joined Morningside as an Evaluations Associate. After two and a half years, Dylan became a Senior Associate in our Operations Department.  After just one year in this role he progressed to become the Director of Project Management. He stayed in Project Management for two and a half years before being promoted to his current role as the VP of Legal Sales.

Personal Development at Morningside

At Morningside, we understand that employee self-actualization extends beyond the workplace. This is why we encourage our employees to pursue their personal development endeavors whether it be, continuing their education, charity work, languages training programs, personal achievement awards, and so much more.

agatheAgathe Gindrey –French Editor

A native speaker of French and long-term resident of NYC, Agathe grew up in a bilingual environment. She joined Morningside in July 2014 after obtaining a BA in Comparative Literature and German from NYU. As a French editor, she reviews patent translations for accuracy, working closely with her team to solve terminological and linguistic problems. She also uses her experience to help train new reviewers and translators. During her free time, Agathe focuses on her creative endeavor: crafting short stories. Come September, she will be pursuing an MFA in Fiction Writing at Columbia University while continuing to work part-time at Morningside.