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Professional Services Group

A Partner for All Your Localization Needs

Morningside’s Professional Services Group (PSG) is dedicated to just one thing: our clients’ success. When you send your translation, localization and interpretation projects to Morningside, the PSG team is with you from start to finish, to ensure all your requirements are handled properly and your expectations for a quality project are met every time.

PSG performs two critical functions: Account Services and Client Solutions. The Client Solutions team processes all new client requests for projects, delivering quotes and order details at benchmark turnaround times. You can count on our Client Solutions representatives to reliably capture the details of your requests and process your projects as quickly as possible.

PSG’s Account Services team is responsible for ensuring our new clients are given the personalized attention needed to start their partnership with Morningside Translations.  Through our unique Customer Onboarding service, we’ll work closely with you and your Morningside Sales Representative to fully understand your company’s translation needs, and we’ll custom design reliable and efficient processes to assure you have a quality experience with Morningside Translations from start to finish.

PSG Account Services

Our commitment to clients new to Morningside spans the range of basic tasks, like getting new accounts set up properly prior to the first project, and extends to a full suite of onboarding services that include:

  • Client needs assessment
  • Resource collection and configuration (style guides, glossaries, etc.)
  • Process development
  • Client portal training
  • Solutions architecture

Client Portal Training

The Account Services team provides several options for user training on our Client Portal:

  • Standing training sessions are conducted twice per week (via Skype meeting):
    • Tuesdays @ 10:00 am ET – 10:30 am ET
    • Thursdays @ 1:00 pm ET – 1: 30 pm ET

Sessions are conducted via Skype for Business.  Simply click here at the scheduled time to join. (Please plan on connecting 5 minutes early to allow time for the Skype plug-in installation if necessary.)

  • One-on-one or group training can also be scheduled with Account Services as needed


Need an account? Simply send an email to [email protected], and our team will be in touch shortly with your login information.

How to Reach Us

To place an order, submit your request through our client portals:


You can email us for a quote: [email protected]

Change to your account or trouble with access: [email protected]