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A Day in the Life

Morningside is an inclusive, active and vibrant working environment. We’ve worked hard to create a dynamic team where employees are eager to engage across business units to band together to meet challenges head on.

We’re excited to share a glimpse into a day in the life of three Morningside employees. The employees below work in different departments and are happy to share a little about their daily routine and experiences working at Morningside.

From Ashley Jones – Senior Accounts Payable Coordinator, NYC office

How would you describe the company culture?

At Morningside we are passionate, mission-driven individuals who always aspire to bring quality and professionalism to every aspect of our job. It is a collaborative atmosphere where there is value in everyone’s contributions no matter the career level. Though it is fast paced at times, no man is an island! Our leadership has an open-door policy that is unmatched, and you can always count on support when you need it the most!

What does your day look like?

My day usually includes frequent vendor communication while looking for new ways to make the AP process more manageable and efficient as our company continues to grow.

What motivates/inspires you to come to work?

My team! Our dynamic is unlike my previous experiences and we work exceptionally well together. There may be circumstances that come up where I might need some direction and my colleagues are always willing to take a few minutes to talk it through. No ego, no negativity…just individuals who are happy to help.

What led you to Morningside?

I really wanted to find a company that supports professional-growth and work with people who genuinely want to see you exceed your expectations. I definitely found that at Morningside!

From Iris Susman – Associate Director SAM, Israel office

How would you describe the company culture? The company puts the employees’ health, wellness, and happiness in the center of their attention. I very much appreciate the fact that the management makes a point of being transparent with all the employees by sharing strategies, targets, financial information, and Sales accomplishments. I feel that the company really invests in the employees’ professional aspects as well as the social activities which are super fun!

What does your day look like? I normally start my day early, and after my first coffee I am ready to start my day’s work!  As a Strategic Account Manager, I keep a close connection with all my clients by making lots of calls, meetings, and on-site visits. My clients are international, and I make sure they know that I am here to serve them at any time, even late at night. I also participate in internal meetings as a I’m a great believer in teamwork. Sometimes, I have lunch or after work drinks with my work buddies which is always nice.

What motivates/inspires you to come to work? I would sum it up in two words: THE PEOPLE! Great people. Great environment.

What led you to Morningside? I used to work over a decade for another localization company that Morningside acquired over a year ago, so I was led to Morningside by chance, which I am very thankful for as it has turned out wonderfully!

From Patrick Rusk – English Linguist, UK office

How would you describe the company culture? The in-house Linguists share a floor in the London office, and at first glance it might feel like walking into a library, with all of us working at our computers or with our noses buried in dictionaries, searching for obscure technical jargon. That being said, there is a genuine affection amongst our colleagues. We celebrate each other’s personal and professional successes, and we band together when the going gets tough. On a global scale, we are kept updated on all of the innovations and successes of the company as a whole, and specific teams and departments are often highlighted for their exceptional work.

What does your day look like? The first thing I do in the morning is check through job offers sent by the Project Managers. I spend my day translating, post-editing and proofreading patent documents. This is interspersed with team, department, and global meetings. At lunch, I like to go to one of the beautiful parks just five minutes’ walk away from the office, and at the end of the week the team often heads to our favourite pub across the road from the office.

What motivates/inspires you to come to work? The team I work with truly is my inspiration. When I left university, I was determined to find a job where I could actually use the language skills I’d gained, and it’s a wonderful feeling to work in an environment full of incredibly talented linguists of a whole range of language combinations. On top of that, every document we translate has its own unique challenges and intricacies which make every day a learning day.

What led you to Morningside? During my final year of university, I knew that I wanted to work in the language services industry. My German lecturer personally recommended Morningside, and the more I researched the company, the more I was impressed with its reputation. I had narrowed down my options going forward, but by the time I got to my interview there was only one clear path that I wanted to follow.