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Industries / Corporate Compliance


Keep your company in compliance with internal policies and laws and regulations by ensuring your human resources materials, communications, and eLearning and training content are accurately translated to meet requirements in all the regions in which you operate. Our network of global translators possesses deep corporate compliance expertise and knows how to accurately translate employee manuals, policies, benefits information, training videos, and more into 200 languages.


eLearning & Training

Deliver clear, compliant instructions & content to employees and customers around the world.

Human Resources Translation

Communicate effectively with multilingual employees around the globe.

Corporate Communications

Make sure your internal and external communications are clearly understood, no matter the language.

Business Translation Services

Work with subject matter experts who understand your business vocabulary.

Corporate Compliance Translation

Successfully translate corporate ethics and compliance policies and related documentation.

Corporate Compliance Documents We Translate

  • Employee Handbooks
  • eLearning & Training Materials
  • Employment Contracts
  • Legal Documents
  • Newsletters
  • Safety Documents & Training
  • Codes of Conduct
  • White Collar Litigation/Investigations Documents


Morningside’s quality assurance process for corporate translation services is certified to the latest ISO 9001, 13485 and 17100 standards. Our global network of 8,000+ translators are rigorously vetted and assigned to projects based on their academic background, experience, and relevant subject matter expertise. Finally, our 3-tier review process features built-in redundancies to ensure accuracy, and our proprietary Quality Reliability Indicator (QRI) algorithm monitors projects to help prevent quality issues before they happen.


Corporate Translation Expertise

Whether you’re a multinational organization that operates around the world or a U.S.-based firm with a non-English-speaking workforce, we can accurately translate your HR, eLearning, legal, and corporate communications materials into the correct language and ensure that the translations comply with all local regulatory and cultural requirements. Morningside has two decades worth of experience handling complex corporate, legal and HR document translations for top corporations around the world.

Technology-Enabled Risk Management

We use industry-leading technologies – some of which are proprietary – to decrease turnaround time, control costs, and enhance the quality of your translations. Translation Memory (TM) tools, client-specific glossaries, and our proprietary Quality Reliability Indicator (QRI) are some of the intelligent, secure, ISO 27001-backed technologies we utilize to mitigate risk and ensure consistent, reliable translations.

Greater Control & Visibility

Morningside HUB, is an advanced client platform for all your translation & localization projects. This ISO 27001-backed, user-friendly platform lets you easily request and accept new quotes, upload files, and keep track of your corporate translation services spend. In addition to our convenient project management tools, we are always available with white-glove support to discuss your projects in detail.