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Translating your website is the single most cost-effective way to reach global consumers and expand your brand overseas. Native-English speakers now account for less than 1/3 of global Internet users. That means if your website content is in English only, you are ignoring nearly 70% of global consumers and a massive opportunity to increase both revenue and market share. Morningside provides comprehensive website translation & localization in 200+ languages for leading organizations and global brands. We also offer a full suite of global marketing services to support your company’s online presence abroad, including multilingual content management and multilingual SEO. For over 20 years, Morningside has helped companies successfully localize their website content and transform language barriers into revenue opportunities.

Did you know?

You can reach 85% of global Internet users by translating your English content into just 9 languages. Morningside’s website localization experts can help you analyze key indicators related to your business to determine which languages and target markets offer the highest potential ROI.

Flexible Solutions

We tailor each website localization project to the client’s specific needs and requirements. Whether you need to update a few paragraphs of multilingual content or build a foreign language website from scratch, Morningside creates a customized solution based on your budget, target markets and goals.

Experience & Support

Our extensive website translation experience means we apply best practices for controlling cost and maintaining quality at every stage of the project lifecycle.

Cost-Effective Technology

Our translation memory (TM) and glossary tools help lower costs, speed up turnaround times and ensure consistency throughout your website translation project.

Expert Website Translation & Localization

Our team of website translators and localization experts accurately translate website content so that it’s every bit as effective and ‘on-message’ as the original.

eCommerce Website Localization

Converting global online consumers requires clear, compelling and targeted communications with your potential customers. Morningside’s eCommerce translation team brings the website translation experience and technical support to ensure that your eCommerce website is fully functional for global markets. We translate and localize content including online and offline product catalogs, brochures, promotional content, datasheets, and much more.

Did you know?

eCommerce websites stand to gain the most from our website translation service because online consumers strongly prefer shopping on websites in their native languages. In fact, 72% of online consumers in Latin America, Europe and Asia recently reported that they never or almost never shop on foreign language websites, and the remaining 28% are 4 times more likely to make a purchase on a website in their own language.

Multilingual Content Management

Maintaining and updating the English language content on your website is challenging enough, but with a multilingual website there is the additional challenge of making sure that foreign language pages stay in sync with the English source. Morningside simplifies the process with our website translation proxy service, SiteLingo, an efficient and cost-effective way to maintain and update your company’s multilingual website. Your translated site will be hosted for you, and updates to the English-language version of your website will be monitored on a daily, weekly or monthly basis (depending on your preference). We will notify you of the cost of translating any new website content, saving you the trouble of contacting us for a quote every time you need to update your site. Our always-available project management staff ensures that your updates will be handled promptly.

Website Translation Services - Supported Formats

Our staff can also ensure the technical details of your website translation are taken care of. We are fluent in the following programming languages:

  • HTML & CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Ruby
  • PHP
  • Python
  • C/C++
We can also assist with content management, regular updating, SEO/SEM keyword insertion and much more. Contact our team for more details.