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WordPress Multilingual Plugin

WordPress currently owns the lion’s share of the CMS market with over 60% of CMS users on the platform. It also powers over 30% of all websites. Although WordPress is a great platform for managing website content, the process of translating and updating multilingual content can be extremely cumbersome and time consuming without a little additional help. That’s where Morningside and WPML come in. If you are currently building or running a multilingual website on WordPress, start by purchasing the WPML plugin directly from WPML. Morningside can streamline and simplify the configuration process and delivery of completed projects, making your life easier through out integration.

A Time-Saving WordPress Translation Plugin

WPML builds a direct bridge between your multilingual content and Morningside’s network of 8000+ linguists. Through our WPML integration, Morningside optimizes translation workflows and provides effortless access to Morningside’s industry-leading suite of multilingual desktop publishing solutions. The integration allows you to easily send us content for translation and publish it on your site, without ever leaving the WordPress platform. Best of all, WPML requires no technical or programming skills and can be easily installed without any coding.

WPML is a comprehensive multilingual content solution that powers over 600,000 websites. With WPML you can translate pages, blog posts, custom types, taxonomy, menus and even the theme’s texts. It is also compatible with all themes or plugins that use WordPress API, which makes set up quick and easy.

To learn more or to get started translating your multilingual WordPress content with WPML, contact your Morningside representative or email [email protected] today.

Priority Support

For all plugin-related issues, please contact WPML support directly. You can open a new support ticket here or browse the forums for a solution by clicking here.

WMPL also offers a number of support resources to guide you along your journey. Here are just a few:

*For support with web development for multilingual sites, please get in touch using the form below.