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Software & App Localization

Software Localization Services

Global consumers have come to expect polished local-language versions of software and apps that provide the same immersive end-user experience as the English-language original. Effective software localization involves more than just translating text—the graphical user interface (GUI) and other elements need to be adjusted and adapted to meet the functionality requirements & cultural expectations of the target audience. Morningside helps you reach a global audience with comprehensive software localization services in 200 languages including translation, design, engineering and QA testing. Should text expansion or contraction occur within the user interface (UI), our team of software localization experts will work with your design team to ensure that the final, localized UI—including buttons, menus, and dialog boxes—will be seamlessly presented to the end-user. Partnering with Morningside ensures that the hard work of your design team won’t be lost in translation in foreign-language versions of your software.

Our Software Localization Workflow:

File Prep & Glossary Creation

Using localization tools, Morningside extracts important terms into a glossary or terminology list. The use of these glossaries by the translation team ensures consistency between the User Interface (UI), online support materials, and other documentation from the product suite.

Translation & Editing

a Morningside localization engineer identifies and extracts the product’s text contained in menus, dialog boxes, buttons, wizards, online help modules, printed documentation, and packaging from the source files in order to initiate the translation and editing processes.

Dialog Box, Form & Menu Adaptation

Upon the completion of the translation and editing processes, the dialog boxes are tested in order to ensure any issues resulting from the translated text expanding or contracting (affecting the size of the UI components) are rectified.

Desktop Publishing

Documentation including graphics, scripts, or other media containing visible text are formatted and linguistically proofed.


Compilation and build of the localized files in preparation for testing.

QA Testing

Linguistic and functional quality assurance performed on target platforms.

Project Delivery

The completed files are delivered in any format you require and can be downloaded directly from our client platform.


Simship means releasing localized versions of software at the same time that the source-language version is released, and has become the standard rollout method in today’s global marketplace. Users across the globe have come to expect software launches and updates to occur simultaneously, and a long delay from the initial source-language launch can result in a loss of business from both current and potential global customers. In order to achieve a successful simultaneous launch, it is critical to ensure close communication and collaboration between developers, marketing teams, and language service providers. Morningside offers our clients a dedicated project manager who serves as a conduit between your teams and our localization experts to ensure that your software localization project is completed on-time and on-budget and that no surprises delay your international launch date.

Multimedia Localization

Morningside is trusted by Global 500 companies around the globe to create and deliver high-quality multimedia content in all required formats. Our full suite of multimedia services includes graphics, voiceovers, subtitles and all other elements needed for successful software localization. We can provide end-to-end solutions when video editing and audio mastering are needed and work with state-of-the-art recording studios and production facilities.

Software / Application Testing

After the software has been localized, Morningside can provide testing services before product release in the target markets. This is a critical step in the software localization process where usability, functionality, and linguistic problems can be identified and resolved. Whether performed onsite or conducted remotely, Morningside’s testing solutions are designed to identify any bugs and ensure that your localized software consistently meets end-user requirements across languages, platforms, and devices.