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Technology / Integrations


The future of data and content management is increasingly about the centralization and integration of services. Morningside is staying ahead of the curve, providing integrations for software and systems that our clients rely on. Our plugins and integration tools seamlessly and securely connect third-party software and systems to Morningside’s full suite of IP solutions and language services.

IPMS Integrations

Most of our IP clients submit new orders and manage their projects via our secure, self-service IP Platform, where it is easy to obtain instant quotes, download files and run detailed reports. But we are always looking for ways to provide innovative solutions that add to the customer experience. As a result, we have developed integrations with leading IP Management Systems, like GSI's IP Now, to provide seamless access to our suite of end-to-end solutions directly from your IP Management System.

CMS Integrations

Managing content for a multilingual website can feel like a full-time job. Morningside helps streamline and simplify the process by offering integrations with leading content management systems (CMS) like WordPress and Drupal. Our CMS plugins provide seamless access to our suite of language services, allowing you to translate and publish multilingual content without having to leave your platform. We also offer a convenient translation proxy solution.