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Integrations / Morningside App for IP Now Users

Manage Your Intellectual Property With Ease

IP Now is a web-based IP management software solution created by GSI Office Management GmbH in Munich, Germany. It provides everything you need to securely manage your patent portfolio from one central platform: you can quickly and safely access all of your files, terms, documents and tasks — and easily and efficiently collaborate with others on those items.

When you need to translate and validate your EP patent after grant, the Morningside app for IP Now provides an easy and cost-effective solution that can lower costs by 35-50% while ensuring the highest level of quality. Our proprietary patent translation & filing app, developed exclusively for IP Now users, offers seamless and secure access to Morningside’s patent translation & EP validation services. Now you can easily batch and send documents, request and approve quotes, and receive completed files and confirmations without having to leave the IP Now environment.

The Morningside app for IP Now

Through our app, Morningside optimizes your patent filing workflow and provides seamless access to Morningside’s industry-leading suite of IP solutions.

To learn more about Morningside’s IP services and how to access them via IP Now, contact your Morningside representative or simply fill out the form below: