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European Patent Filing–The Swiss Are Number One

January 18, 2013

When most of us think of the Swiss, we tend to think of chocolate, watches, and skiing. We should add inventors to that list. In a European Patent Office press release from yesterday, the EPO listed figures on European patent filing in 2012, including a list of the top 50 countries filing European patent applications.

Not surprisingly, The United States tops the list, with Japan and Germany coming in second and third, Read more about: European Patent Filing–The Swiss Are Number One  »

Translation Is Key To Reaching Global Consumers

January 11, 2013

For companies looking to expand their brand abroad, translating their marketing materials and web content is critical. According to Common Sense Advisory, English content reaches less than one-third of global consumers. That means American companies with English content only are ignoring more than 70% of the world’s consumers, and losing out on massive opportunities for additional revenue. Those same companies could potentially reach 98 percent of global online users by translating their content into 48 languages. Read more about: Translation Is Key To Reaching Global Consumers  »

New EU Unitary Patent?

January 4, 2013

In news that you may have missed because it happened right before the holidays, on December 11th the European Parliament approved regulations creating a unitary patent that will be automatically recognized in 25 EU countries and overseen by a new court. That means European patents will no longer have to be individually validated in those countries, and that patent translations into a myriad of European languages will no longer be required. The EU’s stated goal is to cut the cost of patent protection by up to 80%, Read more about: New EU Unitary Patent?  »

Litigation Translation

August 17, 2012

In our increasingly international business environment, cross-border litigation is becoming far more common, and that means the need for litigation translation is greater than ever before. The recent sparring between Samsung and Apple is a reminder that high-stakes matters often involve companies based in different countries, speaking different languages. Litigation translation services including document translation, document sifting/review, and interpretation can assist clients during discovery and may prove essential in winning your case.

During the discovery phase of an international lawsuit, Read more about: Litigation Translation  »

Global Law Firms, Emerging Markets, and Legal Translation

July 12, 2012

An article from the July 7th edition of the Economist discusses how British law firms are expanding their global footprint. Unlike Dewey & Leboeuf which tried to grow too fast and ended up going bankrupt, London’s top 5 law firms are growing their revenues and profits at an impressive and steady pace and this is largely coming from growth in emerging markets.

Allen & Overy has recently opened up offices in Jakarta and Vietnam. Read more about: Global Law Firms, Emerging Markets, and Legal Translation  »