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Client Platforms / Morningside Ascent eDiscovery™

Hosted eDiscovery Solutions & End-to-end Services For Complex Document Review

In this era of big data, there is an ever-expanding universe of data and sources available, which means that eDiscovery teams have more and more information to sift through, leading to longer and more expensive projects. That’s why Ascent eDiscovery brings together the hosted eDiscovery solutions, end-to-end services, and hands-on support law firms and corporate legal departments need to tackle even the most complex document review projects.

Expert eDiscovery Support

Morningside's Ascent eDiscovery experts partner with your litigation team to ease the burden of complex document review projects every step of the way, from culling and processing raw data to creating and delivering productions. Our project managers assist you and your colleagues in defining and implementing document review strategies and practices that minimize the review burden, improve review efficiency and accuracy and reduce litigation costs.

Our eDiscovery specialists also provide project-related administrative services like application configuration, populating databases and creating end-users, freeing you and your team to focus on reviewing documents, developing case strategies and protecting your client's legal interests.

Comprehensive Technology
& Expertise

EDD Processing & Culling

Using a consultive approach, our Ascent eDiscovery team works with you to develop and execute processing strategies that reduce your review burden by analyzing the metadata of electronically stored information (ESI) to identify documents that may be discoverable while simultaneously eliminating content that is not subject to review.

Ascent eDiscovery
processing includes:

  • Ingestion, normalization and indexing of "raw" data
  • De-NISTing of data and removal of non-user system files
  • Extraction of metadata and text
  • Culling of documents using client-specific search terms, date ranges, file types, etc.
  • Deduplication of documents on global or custodial levels
  • Identification of foreign language documents and content
  • OCR and image documents, create load files
  • Generation of search term hit reports based on client-defined criteria
  • Uploading of processed documents to Early Case Assessment (ECA) or document review databases

Early Case Assessment, Visual Searching & Active Learning

Ascent eDiscovery platform integrates Ipro's Open Discovery, giving you access to some of the legal industry's most advanced document review technologies within a secure, collaborative environment, including "Visual Searching,” ECA, and Active Learning.

As an extension of your team, Ascent eDiscovery project managers use these technologies to combine document metadata, concepts, timelines and other search criteria to quickly, easily and accurately identify and assess ESI that strengthens or weakens a legal position. Whether used individually or in combination with each other, Visual Searching, ECA, and Active Learning provide the deep insight into document sets and communication patterns that are needed to minimize the review burden, prioritize the review order and zero in on relevant content.

Client Platforms / Morningside Ascent eDiscovery™

Active Learning

L’apprentissage actif va au-delà des versions précédentes de la révision assistée par la technologie (TAR) pour améliorer la précision de la révision et maximiser l’efficacité de la révision en analysant en continu les documents dans un ensemble de révision pour identifier la pertinence, évaluer le degré de pertinence et attribuer un score de pertinence. Cette analyse “en direct” continue de l’ensemble de documents réorganise automatiquement l’ensemble de révision en fonction des scores de pertinence pour garantir que les documents les plus pertinents reçoivent la priorité de révision la plus élevée.

Document Review

The Ascent eDiscovery environment incorporates Ipro’s Open Discovery application suite to put documents and pre-selected metadata at the center of attention in a configurable search results table, allowing you to assess whether your search criteria captured the sought-after documents.

The Ascent eDiscovery platform's Document Viewer uses a clean, intuitive interface to render documents as they appear in their native application and includes configurable coding forms and tag palettes that enable you to identify the responsive documents and apply issue tags. ESI displayed in the Document Viewer is accompanied by metadata and extracted text, as well as images that can be annotated and redacted for production.

The Document Viewer
can be used to:

  • Render 1,100+ document types as they would appear in their “native” application
  • Search documents for keywords, names and persistent highlights
  • View email threads, document families and near-duplicates
  • Perform “mass actions” (i.e., simultaneously tag multiple documents) to expedite the review process
  • OCR and image documents “on-the-fly”
  • Redact privileged content, highlight text and annotate documents
  • Review foreign language documents and their translations

Multilingual eDiscovery & Managed Review Services

The combination of the Ascent eDiscovery platform with the foreign language translation and managed document review services provided by Morningside, makes the company a one-stop resource center for complex multilingual legal matters that require foreign-language documents to be hosted, translated and reviewed.

As a Unicode compliant solution, the Ascent eDiscovery environment enables end users to review to review documents written in most foreign languages, which means law firms and corporate legal departments have options when it comes to tackling multilingual document review projects.

Advanced Analytics &
Customizable Reports

Advanced analytics can be used to identify document relationships and the ability to create customizable reports are essential to completing complex document review projects accurately and on time which is why they are always made available to anyone using our Ascent eDiscovery platform.

Among the Advanced Analytics included with our Ascent eDiscovery platform are:

  • Categorization, clustering and concept searching
  • Email threading, document timelines and families
  • Duplicate and near-duplicate document detection and comparisons
  • Active Learning and Technology Assisted Review (TAR)

Creation & Delivery of Productions

As part of our commitment to helping clients minimize the review burden, improve review efficiency and reduce litigation costs, the Ascent eDiscovery team will handle all aspects of creating and delivering productions.

Production Services

Best of all, production services are included with Morningside’s Ascent eDiscovery hosting fee, so clients never need to worry about being blindsided by any unexpected charges. Most productions, which are formatted and created according to each client’s specific predefined requirements, can usually be completed in less than 24 hours, and typically include:

  • Formatting and creating production sets, production indexes and privilege reports according to client specifications
  • Adding pages numbers, bates labels, date/time stamps, endorsements and burning of redactions, etc.
  • QC productions and create load files
  • Generate images or image placeholders
  • Coordinate delivery of productions via email, sFTC or the sending of an external hard drive

Training & Support

Our Ascent eDiscovery team provides comprehensive training and hands-on support for end users and application administrators. Training sessions are customized to address every client’s specific project requirements and how experienced end users are in using eDiscovery solutions.

Credentialed users of the Ascent eDiscovery platform also have access to training, instructional videos, request support and reset or request passwords.

Reduce Litigation Costs, Minimize the Review Burden Improve Efficiency & Accuracy


  • The Ascent eDiscovery team has been providing support for complex eDiscovery projects for 24+ years, and the company's project managers average 14 years of experience with solutions like Ipro's Open Discovery Relativity, Summation and Concordance.

Transparent Pricing

  • Our pricing model consists of simple, transparent and predictable fees: processing (if necessary), data hosting and software licenses. All other project-related services are included with hosting, so clients never need to worry about being blindsided by unexpected charges.

Private Tier-3 Data Center

  • The Ascent eDiscovery platform and all client data is hosted at Questel's Tier-3 data centers and Tier-3 recovery center for backup and disaster purposes. Our network infrastructure ensures authorized end users have 24/7 access to the platform where they can review documents in a secure collaborative environment.

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