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Technology / Language Asset Management

Translation Memory & Terminology Management

Morningside creates and develops linguistic assets including translation memories, term glossaries, and style guides that help ensure consistent quality output across our clients’ translations. This is especially helpful when managing extremely urgent assignments that require intimate collaboration between multiple linguists. The combination of having pre-vetted linguistic teams and developed language assets in place ensures we can guarantee capacity and quality output, even in the most urgent circumstances.

Translation Memory

Translation memory (commonly known as a "TM") is a technology tool that stores sentences, paragraphs or segments of text that have been translated before, so that they never need to be translated again. TM dramatically improves the quality, speed, consistency, and efficiency of every translation task. Translation memory analysis also detects repetitions within a file and identifies recurrences across entire patent portfolios. With every completed translation, the database repository grows larger, increasing the benefits of consistency, quality, speed, and cost.

Terminology Management

In addition to Translation Memory which track segments of text, Morningside can create customized, client-specific glossaries that dramatically improve consistency of terminology for clients. Terminology management can include abbreviations, branded terms for products/services, and ‘do not translate’ lists. These resources ensure that your preferred terminology is applied consistently across all of your projects.

Other Types of Language Assets

  • Glossaries
  • Resources
  • Styles Guides
  • Special Instructions

Benefits of Language Asset Management

  • Improve the quality and consistency of translations across all languages
  • Reduce internal costs and administrative burden
  • Receive more support and an overall better customer experience
  • Experience faster service with reduced business risk
  • Achieve more with your budget
  • Help control and manage client budgets more effectively