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Global Competence

Jul 23, 2013

It’s not a secret to anyone familiar with our work that Morningside Translations is an international company both in its physical scope as well as clientele.  It’s to be expected for our industry.  But what is remarkable is that our internal staff is also truly global.

In a recent survey of our employees, not including language professionals, over 87% were found to speak at least one language in addition to English at a conversational level or higher.

Most Commonly Spoken Languages at Morningside:

Spanish: 52.1%

Hebrew: 31.3%

French: 22.9%

Chinese (Mandarin): 10.4%

Over 70% of our staff has spent at least 6 months living abroad; almost half were raised by parents who grew up outside of the United States, and a quarter are immigrants themselves.

100% of our staff has traveled abroad (the most popular destinations are Italy, France, and our friendly neighbor to the north, Canada).

The cultural insights that stem from such travels and language skills are invaluable.  And during a time when “more Americans have passports than ever before,” more than double the amount of passports in circulation in 2000, it is not only impressive, but essential that we as translation professionals keep up with our ever-shrinking world.  We’re proud to have a team that has what earlier this summer, the New York Times called “global competence” –the ability to understand, assimilate, and apply diverse perspectives and practices when facing new situations and challenges.   It’s a pleasure using what we’ve learned from the world to help it run a little more efficiently.

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