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Desktop Publishing a Definitive Guide for Translation

International companies face numerous challenges in their quest for success, but one critical aspect that requires attention is accurate communication of content and messaging across diverse languages and cultures.

This is especially crucial for printed materials, where precision is paramount. Imagine putting in considerable time and resources to create a stunning page layout for your brand, only to lose all that effort in translation when promoting your products or services to a global audience. This is where desktop publishing (DTP) localization comes in as a valuable tool to ensure that your message is conveyed effectively and attractively in multiple languages and cultures.

With this definitive guide to DTP publishing translation, learn about:

  • What is desktop publishing, including the types of documents that can be produced and why it is important to translate
  • Challenges of desktop publishing for translation and the benefits of partnering with a language service provider
  • How to prepare for the desktop publishing translation process, including important questions you should be prepared to answer
  • Tips for popular desktop publishing software programs

A reliable language service provider will guarantee that every element of your DTP translation project is accurately carried over into foreign-language versions within your required timeframe. This includes not only the text but also the designs, graphics, and page layout. Download our guide to help ensure success by utilizing a proven workflow that streamlines the process, enhances accuracy, and efficiency, and learn how you can reduce costs.