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Translation: A Key Component of FCPA Compliance White Paper

In response to millions of illegal payments made out by U.S. corporations to obtain business with foreign governments, Congress in the mid-1970s enacted the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). Today this far reaching law impacts all United States businesses and enforces strict consequences for those who fail to comply. Should you ever come under investigation, our newly release whitepaper offers support on;

  • How the FCPA impacts your business
  • Translating internal policies to ensure compliance
  • Why translation is a key component of FCPA investigations
  • Morningside’s 4 Step approach for FCPA compliant translations
  • Benefits of using an LSP to handle FCPA regulated translations

The need for a quick and accurate translation is only growing greater with time. Every U.S. company must comply with the far reaching laws enacted in the FCPA.

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