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Legal Services / Legal Transcription

Legal Transcription

Morningside offers legal transcription services to provide verbatim records with certified accuracy, spanning all recording types and data formats and delivered in any format you require. Our transcriptionists are trained and well-versed in the terminology of the legal profession and the targeted industry and meet the highest levels of quality assurance.

We provide high-quality legal transcription for:

  • Depositons
  • Interviews
  • Trials
  • Hearings
  • Correspondence
  • Attorney Dictation
  • Memos
  • Video Remote & OPI Depositions

Accurate Transcriptions

Our reputation for accuracy and precision is a result of the quality of our people and our technology. Morningside’s professionals accurately transcribe court hearings, depositions, trials and meetings in over 200 languages and dialects. In addition to legal transcription services, we provide equipment to simplify the legal dictation process. We are also able to provide on-demand specialists who pass stringent security clearances and are experienced professionals in the subject matter related to the case.

Customized Formatting

We provide our clients with certified verbatim transcripts formatted in clear and concise Word documents, executive summaries, or any other customized format, as specified by our clients. All transcriptions and formatting are completed under strict confidentiality.

Quality Assurance

Our process for transcription services follows the same rigorous ISO 9001:2015 Certified Quality Management System implemented for all our translation services. Your dedicated Morningside transcription team also tracks the progress of your project and delivers it on time according to your pre-set deadlines.

Security & Confidentiality

Morningside deems all disclosed data, ideas, and all sources of oral and written information to be strictly confidential. We are cognizant of the importance of confidentiality in relation to on-going cases and take all necessary measures to secure premises, servers, and networks. Our infrastructure is protected by the highest standards of security technology. In addition, our legal transcriptionists are required to sign legally binding non-disclosure agreements which are open to modification by our clients to suit their specific requirements.