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Sign Language Interpreting Services

American Sign Language is a multifaceted language that requires the most skilled professional interpreters in order to maintain the integrity and accuracy of the interpretation. Our ASL interpreters offer cultural expertise for the deaf community and provide industry expertise in the realms of law, healthcare, education, technology, finance and IP.

Legal Interpretation

We regularly provide ASL interpreters for business meetings, depositions, hearings, arbitrations, trials and polygraph examinations. Our interpreters are chosen based on their extensive legal experience, sign language proficiency, and expertise in the relevant subject matter. As per the Code of Professional Conduct, all American Sign Language interpreters will arrive on-site fully briefed with all pertinent information and ready to provide the highest level of service. Due to the complex nature of legal matters, a minimum of two interpreters will be assigned to each project who will work in 15-20 minute intervals. As one person interprets, the other will check for any issues or discrepancies.

Medical Interpretation

Accurate interpretation is critical when communicating medical information. Our medical sign language interpreters are subject matter experts in a range of therapeutic fields and are experienced working in all healthcare settings including hospitals, hospices or home settings. Due to the sensitive nature of medical interpretation, we carefully select the best-suited interpreter for each specific client engagement—and ensure that our linguists are fully prepped and well-informed regarding the nuances of deaf culture.

Conference Services

You can rely on our ASL interpreting services for conferences, seminars, human resources training or any other presentation environment. We can provide on-site coordination and interpretation equipment, so that you can focus fully on your event and leave the interpreting to us. Our talented sign language interpreters can provide consecutive or simultaneous interpretation for in-person events or video conferencing for remote meetings.

Certified Quality

To ensure high quality interpretation services, our ASL interpreters are carefully selected based on their experience, advanced sign Language skills, subject matter expertise and interpersonal skills. Our professional ASL interpreters hold National Interpreter Certification (NIC) credentials accredited by one of the following organizations:

  • RID – Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Inc.
  • NAD – National Association of the Deaf