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Document Review

The legal document review process is daunting for the most experienced legal professionals. It becomes even more challenging when foreign language documents are produced during discovery. When inundated with thousands of documents during discovery, partner with Morningside to deliver fast and cost-effective solutions to help you meet even the most urgent deadlines. We can quickly assemble highly-qualified review teams of multilingual attorneys, paralegals, and translators with the skill set and subject matter expertise your case requires. Our reviewers can work onsite, online, or at one of Morningside’s review facilities located in major cities worldwide.

Foreign-Language Document Review

Morningside offers multilingual document review for clients dealing with foreign-language documents during discovery. We can deliver a team of translators as well as contract attorneys with the required foreign-language skills relevant to your case. Morningside’s licensed attorneys and translators can review documents onsite or online, helping identify those documents that are privileged or responsive. We can also provide document summaries as well as certified translations for documents that will be submitted in court.

Litigation Document Review & Support Personnel

For large litigation cases, Morningside provides top-tier legal and language professionals to assist with document review, case management and eDiscovery. Morningside knows how to source and manage on-site teams for even the most complex matters. Our contract professionals include:

  • Attorneys (including foreign-language attorneys)
  • Paralegals
  • Translators
  • Project Managers
  • Litigation Support

Case Study: Am Law 100 Firm

An Am Law 100 law firm approached Morningside with a request to assemble a large team of document reviewers for a major international commercial litigation case. Thousands of Spanish documents needed to be reviewed in a short period of time and the law firm had very strict requirements for each translator.

Morningside rose to the challenge, quickly assembling a team of linguists who met the Law firm’s specifications. The firm provided Morningside with protocols for review to determine which documents were responsive, and Morningside’s project managers ensured that the review team carefully adhered to all client requirements and deadlines. Morningside completed the document review project by deadline and within budget. At trial, one of Morningside’s directors was even called upon as an expert witness to testify on best practices in document review and on how to efficiently carry out a large document review project.