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Certified Translation Services

Morningside provides certified translation services for legal and official documents that must be submitted to courtrooms, government offices or regulatory bodies around the globe. Our certified translations are regularly entered as legal record in state, federal, and international court as well as jurisdictions and agencies around the world including the SEC, USPTO, WTO, and FDA.

Certified Document Translation

We provide certified translation services for documents including:

Questions About Certified Translations

What is a certified translation?

In the U.S., it means the translator and/or translation company has prepared a signed statement affirming that the translation was prepared by a skilled translator and is an accurate and complete rendering of the original document. Some agencies, like the FDA, require that the certified translation include a brief statement on the translator’s qualifications. The certified translation may need to be notarized to confirm the identity of the person signing the statement. Essentially, the certification creates a legal record affirming that the translation was produced in good faith and according to professional translation standards and norms.

When is it necessary to obtain a certified translation?

Certified translations services are required if you are submitting foreign-language documents to a court of law or regulatory agency like the FDA. Official documents like birth certificates and college transcripts also require certification. If you need to submit a certified translation, check first to see what kind of certification you need. It may need to be notarized, and the translator’s qualifications and/or resume may need to be attached.

Notarized Translation

For certain legal and contractual documents, a notarized translation is required. Morningside is staffed with specialized in-house personnel, who also serve as qualified Notary Publics. This allows us to offer fast notarized certifications for a nominal fee.


For certified translations that need to be legalized in a foreign country, Morningside offers Apostilles for a nominal fee. We consult with foreign attorneys to ensure that the appropriate format is used, as required by the country and local destination where the documents need to be authenticated.

Court-Certified Interpreters

Morningside Translations offers federal and state court-certified interpreters in jurisdictions across the United States, including New York and San Francisco.