Authoring in Flare for Translation

In this webinar Flare expert and experienced localization engineer, Jennifer Schudel, barrow from her decade of experience to discuss optimizing your Flare project for translation. Download our pre-recorded webinar today for time-tested best practices proven to simplify your workflow, reduce costs and prevent headaches.

You will receive expert guidance on:

1. How to author and optimize your Flare project for translation

2. Best practices for snippet, variables, images and conditional text

3. How to manage text flow and page breaks in a way that won’t drive up localization costs

4. Optimal formats for diagrams or images with callouts

5. Other tips for internationalization

Jennifer Schudel is a subject matter expert & Localization Engineer, having 12 years of experience in translation and localization for Flare projects, software and websites. She has previously partnered with MadCap Flare associates in webinars and presented at MadWorld.

Authoring in Flare for Translation Webinar