Making One Call: Consolidating Costs for Complex Multi-Language Litigation

It is a commonplace for global organizations to employ dozens of law firms to meet their various legal needs, including translation for complex multi-language litigation. Much money is spent on legal translation services for cross-border and multilingual dealings.

Morningside sponsorship with ACEDS procured a live webinar with leading legal and translation experts. Brooke Oppenheimer Counsel, eDiscovery, Cyber & Data Protection Axinn, Veltrop & Harkrider; Andrew Turko, eDiscovery Business Development at doeLEGAL and our own Dylan Blaney, Vice President of Business Development at Morningside.

In this on-demand recording of the live discussion, our legal experts impart valuable strategies for working with one provider who can deliver the answers to managing complex multi-language projects to;

  • reduce costs
  • improve transparency
  • increase accuracy
  • reduce data security concerns
  • improve efficiency

Use these benefits without making any problematic internal changes or creating additional counsel work. This is an impactful 60-minute presentation for all legal counsel looking to learn how to optimize their complex multi-language litigation.

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Consolidate Multilanguage Costs