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Proxy Wars: Standard Essential Patents in IP Litigation

Standard Essential Patents, or SEPs, are patents that are deemed critical for a technology platform to exist. Lately we have seen a proliferation of proxy wars between major technology companies that are at their core about SEPs and the innovations they cover (e.g. Huawei v. Samsung). SEP holders have been accused of antitrust violations and engaging in abusive business practices — allegations that are sparking legal battles across the globe.

Join Gene Quinn, the founder and editor of IPWatchdog, for a wide-ranging discussion on Standard Essential Patents, Standard Setting Organizations, Fair Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory (FRAND) licensing requirements and related IP litigation & antitrust investigations. Joining Gene will be Theodore Essex, former Administrative Law Judge for the International Trade Commission (ITC) and current Senior Counsel at Hogan Lovells, and Matteo Sabattini, Director of IP Policy at Ericsson.