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A Day In The Life

For our ‘A Day In The Life’ series, we wanted you to get to know the people behind Morningside Translations. For this, we asked our team members to share their daily activities and experiences – in their own words.

Riley Russell – Project Manager

My day starts at 9AM, when I arrive in our New York office, brew a cup of coffee from our Starbucks machine, and check my email. I usually take advantage of the early morning to communicate with translators in European or Asian time zones. On a given day, I may speak with linguists that live in China, Egypt, Spain, Japan, Italy, and so many more countries around the world.

The rest of my day could be filled with any number of tasks, depending on the status of current projects and influx of new work. When a translation request first comes in, I spend time establishing the scope of the project, reaching out to the client with any questions, and searching for the right translator to do the job. By mid-afternoon, I’m generally focused on finalizing my ongoing projects and delivering completed translations. I coordinate with our in-house editors and reviewers to make sure each document has gone through the right quality checks before it’s sent to the client. This daily flow of starting and finishing projects provides a constant sense of challenge and reward.

I particularly love opportunities to collaborate directly with clients. Because many translations require careful creativity and thought, I speak with clients frequently throughout the course of their project. My clients include non-profit organizations, law firms, guitar manufacturers, hotels, restaurants, new mobile application start-ups, advertising agencies, clothing or cosmetic retailers, and more. I’ve been working with some clients for my entire Morningside career, allowing me to build strong professional relationships with fascinating, successful people from many industries.

I’m fortunate to be part of an incredible team in the Operations Department, so we also make time to collaborate, discuss projects, and offer advice. The company culture at Morningside keeps each day interesting – it’s not uncommon to pause work around 5PM for a company-wide birthday celebration or a surprise buffet of snacks provided by Morningside’s leadership.

Ultimately, I love working at Morningside because every day looks a little bit different. I might spend a full afternoon discussing the best way to translate 10 words in a television commercial, while the next day would be filled with emails and phone calls to kick off a new project. We’re a part of a fast-paced, innovative, global industry, and my day-to-day work reflects that in every way.

Jack Fischer – Business Development Manager, Life Sciences

On any given day, my goal is to have impactful conversations. My position at Morningside has enabled me to work alongside our clients, each spanning any number of unmet medical needs and geographic locations. Whether on the phone, in a meeting, or at a conference, I strive to understand the global endeavors of my clients – and provide them with localized solutions. Morningside’s life science clients span young biotech & legacy pharmaceutical firms, to medical device companies, CROs, and IRBs.

My day begins when I check my email for any new client correspondence. I use the time before 9:00 a.m. to field new questions and define the priorities of the day. My team of business development associates, and project managers provide me with valuable insight into how we can create additional value for specific client projects. Afterwards, I check in with my manager about opportunities coming up for the week.

Then comes the sound of the Morningside gong. Among Morningside’s many traditions is the gong that signals the start of a “power hour” for outreach and correspondence with new and existing clients.

I often find that new clients are challenged by the need to localize the highly regulated, highly technical documentation common to the industry. As a client advocate, I work with my team to ensure these demands are met, so that clients can deliver the maximum therapeutic value to their patients.

Morningside has been a fantastic opportunity for me to professionally grow. I have had the rare opportunity to work amongst a group of passionate, forward-thinking professionals. By working with clients on their translations, I continuously learn about new technologies, national and international regulatory procedure, and the challenges of language barriers in a clinical setting. I’ve also had the fortune to create a path to success in business development, and I’m grateful to receive daily mentorship and advice directly from the VP of Sales & Marketing.