Client Experience / Case Studies

Global Medical Device Regulatory Translation & Marketing Localization

Global medical device manufacturer partners with Morningside for our regulatory translation and marketing localization expertise.

Our medical device client is dedicated to providing a wide range of products and services that improve patients’ standard of life and the efficacy of treatment by providing safe, simple and immediate bedside support.

When our relationship began in 2019, the medical device manufacturer solicited our expertise for regulatory and marketing translations in 25 languages. Over the last three years, our partnership has evolved to include translations for patient brochures, equipment guides, websites and videos.

“Morningside is a true partner to the team, offering a vast amount of services.”

The Challenge

Our global medical device client needed to reduce the heavy administrative and financial burden of delivering a number of materials in 25 different languages.

including a robust website with several videos from a provider that could be verified through their rigorous quality and regulatory vetting process.

The organization also required a language services partner with an unwavering commitment to quality backed by ISO 9001, 13485, and 17100 compliant processes and controls.

Finding a professional LSP that could meet these requirements took no time. Marketing reached out to their regulatory department to discover they had already vetted and begun a few small projects with Morningside that received high marks.

“Morningside specializes in life sciences and already had been vetted through our rigorous quality controls – it was a natural selection.” Claimed the organization’s Marketing director.

The Solution

The brand partnered with Morningside and gained access to a full suite of end-to-end language solutions for their regulatory and commercial needs. By taking advantage of our Translation Memory and terminology management glossaries, we were able to reduce the administrative burden and improve the efficiency, quality, and efficacy of their multilingual communications while lowering costs.

The Journey

Our partnership consolidated our client’s language services spend, translating their website, videos, labeling and packaging information along with brochures, under one provider. This enabled our client to resonate with audiences through improved accuracy, and consistency, and to meet regulatory guidelines, like the new EU MDR, quicker and without any complications.

By partnering with Morningside, our client can now rely on exclusively qualified subject matter experts, ISO-compliant processes and controls, and our proprietary Quality Reliability Indicator, which monitors projects and identifies areas for risk reduction – preventing issues before they can happen.

For our clients to succeed in the global marketplace, they require accurate and skillfully crafted translations and localization to communicate their key message to their audience. Morningside’s marketing services include translators who bring life science knowledge and experience to prepare their culturally sensitive marketing materials in all 25 languages. The global medical device company spends less time translating, localizing, reviewing, and approving their various marketing projects, saving the organization time and money.

“Our partnership with Morningside is the key to our marketing team’s success – they act as an extension of our organization and help us save so much time on translations and reviews.” said the Marketing director.

Our Partnership

Our partnership evolved from meeting regulatory requirements to broader marketing materials. Our client has gained:

  • Marketing localization expertise
  • Review process improvement
  • Lower translation costs
  • Translation Memory Tools and Terminology Management
  • Attentive one-on-one customer service

“Our dedicated account representative makes all the difference. She is proactive in supporting our translation needs, anticipates feedback, and somehow provides exactly what we need when we need it.” exclaimed the marketing director.

Now our client has improved their translation quality, reaching their audiences no matter where they are in the world and ensuring their message is received as intended.