Client Experience / Case Studies

Global 100 Footwear Retail Client

Renowned footwear retailer partners with Morningside for our RISE eLearning authoring, translation and localization expertise.

Dedicated to delivering comfortable footwear, our leading global footwear retail client has sold 900+ million shoes worldwide since their origin, distributing their brand in more than 80 countries and employing 6,000 people globally.

When our relationship began in 2018, the renowned footwear retailer solicited our expertise in RISE eLearning course projects in 10 languages. Over the last four years, our partnership has evolved to add translations for Storyline, Video Captions and Transcripts, Word Documents and PDFs.

“There hasn’t been a need to shop around for another provider since partnering with Morningside. In a word – Morningside is just that reliable.”

The Challenge

Our global footwear client needed to reduce their spending on language services while ensuring high-quality standards were being met.

Their goal was to create and distribute cost-effective online multilingual training, also known as multilingual eLearning. eLearning alone is a difficult task, but with a multilingual component, it takes skilled experts in both learning management systems and translation management to successfully design and implement successful courses.

Finding these talented people could have come at a significant cost – but upon partnering with Morningside, our global footwear retail client was able to meet all of their requirements in a language services provider (LSP) to manage their multilingual RISE course, which included:

  • low costs
  • flexibility
  • repeatable process
  • partners in translation reviews

Because multilingual eLearning requires high levels of expertise in translation and localization, the world-renowned footwear retailer needed an experienced LSP. They chose Morningside.  

The Solution

The brand partnered with Morningside and gained access to expert knowledge, proven experience and customized workflows to make the most of their global RISE and Storyline learning and training programs.

Once they translated their eLearning content into the various languages of their end-users, our client was able to take a personalized approach to learning. It reinforced how much they value their global employees by presenting concepts that they understand in their native or preferred language. This boosts confidence, increases retention and satisfaction, and eventually leads to better results at work.

When working with Morningside, our client can now rely on custom workflows and dedicated account representatives to provide fast turnaround times, unparalleled reliability, accuracy and 24-hour customer support, with a proven track record of delivering projects on time and budget. Meaning the global footwear giant spends less time translating, localizing, reviewing, and approving new RISE courses. Keeping employees engaged and consistently able to access comprehensible content.

“Morningside is very attentive; communication has been influential in the success of our relationship – to the point that Morningside feels like an internal department.” Expressed the footwear brand.

Below is a sample of a basic workflow we would implement to ensure precise, accurate translations with seamless integration and user-friendly deliverables – and save our client time and money.

  1. Translation– Morningside’s expert linguists perform text translation of all training materials, including slides, notes, and website content. Our 3-tier translation process ensures accuracy and consistency across all project components.
  2. Multimedia Production– We prepare voiceover and subtitling for audio/video components and DTP services for documents and graphics.
  3. Localization– Our localization experts review translated content, ensuring that materials are culturally appropriate for the target audience.
  4. Integration– Our project managers integrate and test all components, including audio, video, and animation, to function seamlessly and provide end-users with the same experience as the original English content.
  5. Turnkey Solutions– Morningside offers customized turnkey solutions from localizing eLearning content in the source format (Storyline, Lectora, Captivate, XML, HTML5 or other formats) to exporting a SCORM package with the completed course to load on a Learning Management System or Platform.
  6. Delivery– We deliver the completed files in your preferred format on time and within budget.

“Morningside is reliable and dedicated to your project needs and requests, unlike any LSP.” Our client declared.

The Journey

Working with Morningside for our footwear client has created a more vital trust and collaboration between client and provider. With Morningside’s meticulous, process-oriented attention to detail, we help them deliver instruction and content to employees around the globe. Frequently for our footwear client, translations are needed in a rush. As our client’s partner, we take time for extra clarity, aligned on needs, to always get exactly what is required. The one-on-one client support means any hiccups in the translation and revision process are caught early and handled professionally and hastily.

“Our Morningside representative often catches issues before we do – raises any concerns with us and makes sure our projects are handled in the most streamlined manner possible.”

Our retail footwear client now saves time and gets individual support which enhances the project through delivery.

Our Partnership

As our partnership has evolved, our client has gained:

  • Flexibility
  • Process enhancements
  • Review process improvement
  • Low translation costs
  • Attentive one-on-one customer service

“Our dedicated account representative and supporting team provide exactly what we need, and when we need it, he responds right away and has provided us with a great-secure relationship.”

By partnering with Morningside, the renowned footwear retailer has been able to produce multilingual RISE courses and more, so employees can understand each online training course and module, unifying the brand’s goal of delivering comfortable footwear worldwide in more than 80 countries and supporting all 6,000 global employees in their native or preferred language for maximum comprehension and retention.

Morningside’s team of experienced project managers, linguists, voiceover talents and technical experts ensure all eLearning courses and modules are analyzed efficiently, translated and localized accurately, and delivered on time and budget. Contact us today to partner with Morningside for multilingual eLearning projects.