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Global Marketing Strategy: Taking Advantage of Overseas Opportunities

Oct 06, 2022

As a marketer, you are responsible for telling your organization’s story, monitoring market trends, creating campaigns and assisting in developing your organization’s pricing strategy with the overall goal of growing awareness of what your organization offers to your target market.

No longer are marketers forced to sell locally, nor are buyers forced to rely on local suppliers to meet their needs. This has led to a shift in the industry, with many traditional forms of marketing displaced by digital practices that allow organizations to market globally. The acceleration in globalization means that suppliers and customers are located worldwide – and it means employees are too

Leveraging Overseas Opportunities

Many organizations in today’s market rely on a global strategy to stay competitive, win new business, accelerate their growth and increase brand awareness. But few organizations hit the ground running with a worldwide marketing strategy. Rather than a strategic international marketing plan driving growth, typically, going international is gradually driven by overseas opportunities and new partnerships. Initiating a global marketing plan at any point during this incremental growth comes with complications – the biggest is communicating clearly and resonating with your audience no matter where they are in the world.

Focus on the languages of those countries where you currently do business or are trying to do business. The potential ROI from providing a more customized customer experience far outweighs the actual costs of translation and localization, and this is where you come into the picture: by advocating the global translation and localization of a company’s collateral, a marketing department can make a profound contribution to the bottom line.

Multilingual Marketing Approach

So, where should you start with your global marketing plan? Marketing to a worldwide audience without translation or localization may lead to missed opportunities and a disconnect between your audience and your organization.

Increasing your global reach, translation and localization will be critical to sustainable growth, but getting started can be one of your most significant challenges. Morningside has created an all-new Globalization for Marketing Professionals Guide that covers:

  • Corporate websites and search engine exposure and what your buyers want
  • eCommerce top languages to translate too
  • Creating high-quality marketing materials
  • Creating and maintaining vital customer service through localization

By downloading our complimentary guide, “How To Optimize Your Global Business: A Guide for Marketing Professionals,”  you will immediately learn how to improve your global communications to increase the impact of your website, marketing materials, promotions and how Morningside can support your next project.

Embracing Foreign Markets

Conquering foreign markets is an enormous task, but you don’t need to invest time or money to immediately achieve new opportunities and revenue. Translating and localizing your existing collateral is a relatively inexpensive way to reach new customers. Over time, the successful execution of a marketing localization strategy can position your company for dramatic growth in markets around the world.

About Morningside

Creating high-quality marketing materials takes considerable time and effort, but your message and brand can easily get lost in translation if your content isn’t localized correctly. Effective marketing and website translation require trained linguists who understand Marcom and the cultural nuances of your target audience.

Morningside, a Questel Company specializes in multilingual websites, brochures, press releases and related content to support your global marketing campaign. Our team includes copywriters and in-country linguists familiar with local culture, slang and idioms. We work closely with your team to adapt your creative communications and help you achieve your goals for every target market.

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