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Paris Convention Filing: Patent Filing Services

Patent holders can choose to file directly under the provisions of the Paris Convention, either as an alternative to or in combination with filing via the PCT process. The Paris Convention route is the only option when filing in non-PCT countries such as Argentina, Venezuela and Taiwan. It is also the preferred method when filing in just a handful of countries because of lower upfront costs, or when an invention needs quick grant, since it ensures faster examination and likely faster approval.

Global 500 patent departments and their outside counsel rely on Morningside’s patent filing services and expertise to translate patents for Paris Convention filing in up to 150 contracting states. You can utilize our network of top-tier foreign associates or file via your foreign agents. Our direct filing solution reduces translation and filing fees, while maintaining the highest level of quality and reliability.

Quality Assurance

Morningside’s network of native subject matter experts and in-country patent attorneys deliver uncompromising quality, from initial request to on-time delivery, backed by our ISO-certified QA processes. Our patent linguists have 5+ years of patent translation experience, technical field expertise, and in-depth knowledge of patent law. We can also file the patent directly via our network of top-tier foreign agents in over 170 countries.

Outside Counsel

Our direct patent filing service is just as cost-effective for companies that use outside counsel. By instructing outside counsel to obtain translations from Morningside, our clients have dramatically lowered their filing expenses without creating additional work for their in-house patent departments. Regardless of how you currently handle foreign prosecution, we can help you achieve greater efficiency and cost savings immediately.

Morningside IP Platform

Accessing Morningside’s services is simple and convenient. Instruct us via email or utilize our IP Platform, a secure online platform that streamlines and centralizes the Paris Convention filing process. Select countries for filing, request and approve quotes, and track projects 24/7/365 from anywhere in the world. Our IP Platform now features IQ, an instant quoting tool that provides immediate, accurate quotes for patent translation & foreign patent filing.