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IP Services / Patent Litigation Support


Patent litigation is daunting for even the most experienced legal professionals, but the challenges are even greater when foreign language documents are involved. That's why global law firms and legal departments rely on Morningside for end-to-end language support from discovery through trial. We offer certified human translation, document review, machine translation (MT), and hybrid solutions customized to your budget and workflow. Our services integrate seamlessly into your workflows and are backed by our certified quality management system and industry-leading technology.


Morningside’s global team of patent translators and legal professionals have extensive subject matter expertise and a deep understanding of country-specific legal terminology. We have supported hundreds of cross-border patent litigation matters in technologies including biotech, medical devices, software and consumer electronics. In addition to advanced degrees in the technical field at issue, our translators have years of experience translating patent documents and a deep understanding of international patent law.

  • Patent Invalidity
  • ITC Litigation
  • Trade Secrets
  • PTAB Litigation
  • Unfair Competition
  • Class Action
  • eCommerce
  • Technology Licensing


Certified Document Translation

Subject matter experts (SME’s) perform word-for-word translations of relevant documents identified during the discovery process. These can include business correspondence as well as prior art, contracts, and highly technical documents. We can create scalable, customized solutions for translating thousands of documents based on the size, subject matter, and cost requirements of your case.

Foreign-Language Document Review

Foreign language review requires not just native-level fluency, but also subject matter expertise and familiarity with international patent law. Morningside can deliver a document review team of trained linguists as well as multilingual attorneys with the expertise your case requires. Our attorneys and translators can review documents on-site or online, while ensuring security and confidentiality.


Morningside’s certified legal interpreters are available for arbitration, depositions and courtroom appearances in locations worldwide. Our interpreters are chosen based on their extensive legal experience, language proficiency, and expertise in the relevant subject matter. We also offer scheduled and on-demand over-the-phone (OPI) and video remote interpretation (VRI) for legal matters.

Machine Translation (MT)

Morningside offers machine translation to help lower costs and accelerate turnaround times for certain projects. MT allows the case team to get the “gist” of documents, helping identify those that require more accurate human translation.


  • Highly qualified patent linguists with deep subject matter expertise
  • Translation memory & terminology management savings
  • Request, manage and track projects online 24/7
  • Quality management system certified to ISO 9001 & 17100 standards
  • Fast turnaround & high-volume litigation expertise


Morningside relies on expert linguists combined with industry-leading technology to provide precise and reliable patent litigation translation services. Clients can request, manage and track projects online 24/7 via our easy-to-use client platform. We also deploy translation memory and terminology management for greater consistency, lower costs and faster turnarounds.