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Language Services / Interpretation


Morningside provides high-level interpretation services for legal, corporate, medical, and government settings in 200+ languages. Whether you require on-site, over-the-phone  (OPI), video remote interpretation (VRI) or ASL, Morningside’s qualified interpreters will help you communicate with ease. With an extensive network of over 6,000 professional interpreters, we can quickly deliver consecutive and simultaneous interpretation to locations worldwide, in a broad range of subjects and technical fields. We select the best-suited interpreter for each client engagement—and ensure that our linguists arrive on-time, professionally attired, and prepared to provide the highest level of service.

Exacting Quality Standards

The quality of language interpretation has a direct impact on the outcome of your engagement. Morningside’s interpreters are rigorously vetted and selected based on their experience, advanced language skills, subject matter expertise and interpersonal skills. Our commitment to accuracy and professionalism across all our ISO-backed processes is unwavering.


Subject Matter Expertise

Our network of 6,000+ interpreters have been carefully vetted by our team for relevant professional and educational history, including work in specialized fields such as legal, corporate, medical and government settings. We’ll select the interpreter with the appropriate professional background and subject matter expertise to meet your needs.

Simultaneous Interpretation & Equipment

Morningside is the ideal choice for high-quality simultaneous interpretation services & equipment. Our linguists are rigorously screened and vetted according to our strict, ISO-certified QA process. In addition to extensive simultaneous interpretation experience, we require a professional appearance and excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Simultaneous interpreters are also selected based on their familiarity with the subject matter of your conference or event. For large events, we will set up and test all interpretation equipment, such as wireless and infrared systems. We also complete a full discovery phase to determine how many interpreters are required, for how long, what subject matter expertise may be expected, and what equipment to send.

Powerful Client Platform

We’ve made it easier than ever to request a skilled interpreter at any moment, day or night. Use our convenient online platform, Gateway, to connect to a qualified interpreter. Or use the platform to schedule a request for an upcoming session for Morningside interpretation services.